It Feels Right

Chris Muir at Day by Day Cartoon, as per usual, nails it. He calls out lefty filmmaker (and gun law violator) Rajina Sincic and Americans for Responsible Solutions as well as those SJW* who continue to perpetuate the U.Va. rape hoax story.

Courtesy of Chris Muir

After reading this cartoon, I have this running through my head! Listen at your own risk.

*SJW = Social Justice Warrior – I had to look up this acronym a few weeks ago after seeing it used frequently on Facebook. Those darn kids and their newfangled acronyms!

“There’s A Bus Waiting”

Given the history of Obama throwing subordinates and other supporters under the bus, I don’t think any of us really believe that he’ll go to the mattresses for Eric Holder. Chris Muir in tomorrow’s Day by Day cartoon captures this reality very well.

It is obvious that Muir keeps up with the gun blogs to know about Mike’s latest revelation regarding the new whistleblowers.

Courtesy of Chris Muir and Day by Day Cartoon.