Turnabout Is Fair Play

By now, most people have heard about the newspaper in New York that thought it was a good idea to publish the names and addresses of each and every pistol permit holder in Westchester and Rockland Counties on an interactive map.

Many are also aware that Christopher Fountain in his blog For What It’s Worth thought that turnabout was fair play and has published the home addresses of the publisher, editor, and damn near every reporter on the Journal News. This move has gotten a lot of attention starting with Instapundit and now CNN. Politico has a story on it here. You can see part of the CNN interview below.

Another blogger has taken this list of Journal News employees a step further and created an online map.

Frankly, I think each and every time some harebrained journalist or editor gets it into his or her head to publish the names of legal permit holders – whether for pistols or carry permits – we need to respond in kind.