The First Chicago Civilian Certified To Teach Chicago Firearm Permit Class

Colleen Lawson, one of the plaintiffs in McDonald et al v. Chicago et al, is now officially the first civilian from Chicago to be state-certified to teach the Chicago Firearm Permit class.

Colleen announced the good news on her Facebook page.

Congratulations to Colleen who is a wonderful person and who is dedicated to advancing gun rights in the face of huge obstacles. It is a designation that took a lot of hard work and dedication to attain.

UPDATE: Colleen emailed with a correction to this story. I had Colleen as the first civilian certified to teach the Chicago Firearm Permit class. She corrects this to be the first civilian living in Chicago – in other words a Chicagoan – to be certified. Colleen notes that ISRA instructors Richard Pearson, Doug Mayhall, and Lee Goharing are all civilians but live outside the City of Chicago.