The Concealed Carry Holster Fashion Show

The First Annual Concealed Carry Holster Fashion Show was held Saturday a week ago. Not only did it attract the media but it was a sold out event. It was held in the New York State town of Hudson which, as the name might indicate, located in the Hudson River Valley about 30 miles south of Albany. The show was a fundraiser for a domestic violence center, REACH of Columbia and Greene Counties, but it was also an event designed to educate (and entertain) women about responsible gun ownership and use.

Gracie McKee of Packing Pretty had a full write-up of the show yesterday with tons of pictures. Gabby of ArmedCandy has assembled a slide show of the event which can be seen here.

I’m glad to see events like this and think that more are needed. If there are a Million Moms carrying concealed, the gun prohibitionists can start hanging it up. Moreover, self-protection and self-defense with a firearm becomes the “women’s issue” that it rightly should and only misogynistic politicians would stand in the way of this.