Panteao Productions Added As New Sponsor

When I first started this blog in 2010, I was very reluctant to add any advertising. Over time my thinking changed. I saw that by adding selected sponsors I could raise money for pro-Second Amendment groups. I started with Lucky Gunner and have since added When the Balloon Goes Up and Amazon. While the money raised hasn’t been overwhelming, it has resulted in significant donations towards pro-Second Amendment work.

Today I am adding Panteao Productions. They produce some of the best firearms training DVDs around. I have bought several of their Make Ready with the Experts DVDs over the last few years. Recently, they have added a subscription service to streaming videos as well as have expanded to Make Ready to Survive which emphasizes preparedness.

You can see the link below the Blog Archive.

Remember, it costs you nothing extra to purchase a Panteao DVD or subscription through this blog. However, each time you do purchase something, that means a not insignificant portion of your dollar goes to supporting the Second Amendment.

Panteao is currently offering many of their Make Ready with Experts DVDS at 30-50% off. Moreover, they are discounting their annual subscriptions by 25%. This gives you access to ALL of their videos.

The New Economy

Parents may want to rethink telling their kids to turn off the video game and start studying if they have hopes of getting a job and making money.

Major League Gaming or MLG Pro has been sponsoring video game tournaments for the last few years. These tournaments are held around the country and attract thousands of spectators and participants. This past weekend they held a tournament in Columbus, Ohio which was expected to have about 12,000 spectators.

As the Columbus Dispatch notes:

Founded in 2002, Major League Gaming has 64 active pros, three or four of whom will make $100,000 in a year, Jantzen said. More will make between $50,000 and $80,000 a year and the rest, between $20,000 and $30,000.

Corporate America has woken up to the profit potential of all these kids playing video games. Major sponsors of both teams and the MLG tournaments include Doritos, Dr. Pepper, Old Spice deodorant, Hot Pockets sandwiches, Bic shavers, and more. In past years, major sponsors have included Microsoft and Boost Mobile cell service. Dr. Pepper is even sponsoring a $10,000 college scholarship for the best college player over the summer.

Oh, and by the way, the brothers Kyle and Aaron Elam, who are featured in the pictures from the Columbus Dispatch, are the Complementary Spouse’s nephews. Their teams came in first and fourth respectively for the tournament.