Both Good And Bad Advice

According to this story on WHNT, Huntsville, Alabama is seeing a great increase in burglaries. Because of this many people are arming themselves against burglars as well they might. According to the story, Huntsville Police said there were 241 burglaries of homes and businesses during the month of October.

WHNT interviewed the head of the Alabama State Rifle and Pistol Association, James Moses of Huntsville, who generally gave some good advice. For example, he emphasized training and safety saying “both long-time and new gun owners (are urged) to brush up on basic firearm safety skills, and take instruction classes if needed.” He also emphasized that people need to be able to identify their target and make sure it is an intruder – and not a family member – they are preparing to shoot at.

Where I consider his advice a bit suspect is when he said:

If he (a burglar) is in my house and I can get to my gun and get it loaded, I’m not going to give him a chance to hurt me or hurt my wife.

The question I would ask is why his gun is unloaded. Armed burglars and home invaders are not going to give you the time to open up the gun safe, pull out your shotgun, rummage around for a box of shells, and then load it. If you are worried about small children, then take the advice of Kathy Jackson of Cornered Cat fame and keep your pistol on your body. With the rash of home invasions occuring nationwide, that isn’t bad advice for everyone.

If The Cops Won’t Respond, The Residents Will

I’ll be honest. There are places around this world that just scare me and that I avoid like the plague. East St. Louis, Illinois is one of those places. When the phrase “urban decay” was first coined, the author had the image of East St. Louis in his or her mind.

However, when enough good people say enough is enough, it is a sign of hope. As the video below describes, one neighborhood in East St. Louis has gotten fed up with the level of crime in their neighborhood and the lack of police response. Rather than to be dependent upon the police for their protection, the residents have started to arm themselves.

Kurt Hoffman, the St. Louis Gun Rights Examiner, looks at the story here.

East St. Louis Mayor Alvin Parks, apparently hoping to be reassuring, tells us that the city “is investigating” the complaints of slow police response (when there is any police response), and assures us that “they have a plan to curb crime in that area.”

Well, Mayor–it seems some residents have a plan, too. Of course, one problem with the residents’ plan is that they are attempting to implement it in Illinois, where armed self-defense in public is utterly prohibited.

This is the same Mayor Parks that said a year ago that people don’t have the right to bear arms except within their homes.

You have the right to bear arms, but you have the right to bear them within your home, not on the streets, not in your cars, not inside stores.

One of the tragedies of the recent elections is that Pat Quinn was elected Governor of Illinois instead of Bill Brady. Quinn, who is anti-gun, has vowed to veto any law that would extend concealed carry to the citizens of the State of Illinois. Brady had said he would have signed such a law. One must wonder if Pat Quinn has enough courage to go alone, unarmed, and without his State Police escort to East St. Louis. I sincerely doubt it. However, I have no illusions that Governor Quinn, like Mayor Parks, will continue to tell these good people that guns are bad and that they should rely upon the police for their protection all the while tut-tutting about the level of crime in East St. Louis.

Frankly, if anything is going to done about crime and violent criminal actors in East St. Louis, it will be at the hands of a resident like Rowena Howard and not due to any efforts by a politician like Alvin Parks or Pat Quinn.

Don’t Mess with old Korean War Vets

In Chicago this morning, an 80 year old Korean War vet, his 83 year old wife, and 12 year old great-grandson were awoken by a thug shooting into their bedroom.

But just as the man got off a second round, the homeowner, who had a handgun of his own, fired a single shot, killing the intruder, a police source said.

“He missed, (but) my daddy didn’t,” said the 80-year-old’s son, (name deleted), who lives upstairs in the two-flat in the 600 block of North Sawyer Avenue.

Anthony Nelson, 29, whose street name was Big Ant, had a 13 page rap sheet for drug and weapons convictions.

In a news conference held later in the day, Hizzoner, Mayor Richard Daley refused to say if the homeowner would be charge with violating Chicago’s handgun ban.

The man has been hailed as a hero by his family and neighbors, but Daley cautioned that “guns is not the answer to the problems that we see in a home, in the streets of America. It’s as simple as that.”

Unlike the Mayor, I would say that a gun saved the lives of two elderly people who have been married almost 60 years and their great-grandson. Big Ant was a violent criminal actor who was intent on doing harm to these good people and needed to be stopped. And was.