“Shadow War On The Second Amendment” – David Keene

David Keene, the President of the NRA, is also the former President of the American Conservative Union. Thus, it is only natural that he should be at the ACU’s Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Chicago recently. He moderated a couple of panel discussion which Sebastian discusses here.

He was interviewed for NRA News by Cameron Gray. Among the things Keene discussed were what he termed as the shadow war on the Second Amendment. This war includes the use of regulatory restrictions at the state and local level, the fight over concealed carry permits in may-issue states, the role of certain sheriffs in denying permits, etc. While the interview is wideranging, I found this particularly interesting.

NRA President David Keene On Gunwalker, Obama, and Elijah Cummings

New NRA President David Keene was on Cam and Company today. Among the items discussed were Project Gunwalker, Elijah Cummings’ forum tomorrow, and Barack Obama’s election chances.

Keene did make a very good point about Project Gunwalker. He said “the ATF did not do this on their own – as crazy as they can be – without orders from above but also without informing those above.” He goes on to say that one thing bureaucrats always do is protect themselves.