Hi-Point Pistols Are Tough

As a community, we tend to look down on Hi-Point pistols. They are clunky looking, their triggers leave something to be desired, and they are cheaper than darn near anything else out there.

That said, they tend to work all the time and they are available at a price point that lets the economically unfortunate have a firearm with which to protect their families. And the company does have a sense of humor. Witness the Yeet Cannon G-1.

So what happens to a Hi-Point if you intentionally plug up the barrel with a variety of things. The answer is not as much as you’d think. The YouTube channel DemolitionRanch did that and published the results.

As a disclaimer, I don’t encourage this and it appears he did do this experiment under controlled conditions.

While I’m not looking to purchase a Hi-Point now or in the future, I will say that they are tough guns. Out of the nine that were intentionally plugged, only two were destroyed. Of those two, one had the obstruction welded into the barrel and the other had a a heavy nut screwed into the barrel.

As they always say, don’t do this at home. Moreover, you should always make sure your barrel doesn’t have an obstruction.