A Better Question To Ask

The Brady Campaign to Stop Gun Violence (sic) has started a campaign called “Asking Saves Kids”. They are encouraging parents to ask other parents if there is an unlocked firearm in their house. The Brady Campaign alleges that thousands of children are killed annually.

From their web text that they are suggesting supporters use:

In America, one out of three homes with children has a gun, many kept unlocked or loaded. Every year thousands of kids are killed and injured as a result.

When one examines the CDC’s National Vital Statistics Report – Deaths: Final Data for 2010, which tracks mortality and the cause of it, we see that 62 children under the age of 15 died as a result of an accidental (negligent) discharge of a firearm. Thus, the Brady’s claim that “every year thousands of kids are killed” is an outright lie. See Table 10 on Page 40 for the confirmation of this.

As part of their campaign, the Brady Campaign has been releasing a series of YouTube videos and PSA videos. The one below is called “Conversations” and talks about awkward conversations. It tells parents to ask if there is an unlocked gun before letting their children go over to play.

I can suggest a better question to ask before letting little Jimmy go over to play with little Billy and Bobby.

Have your children been through the Eddie Eagle Program? If not, why not? Unlike anything put out by the so-called “gun safety” (sic) groups, it is a proven, award-winning program that has been shown to be effective in reducing accidental deaths of children with a firearm.

The bottom line is that locks can be defeated. Proper training like the Eddie Eagle program will help protect kids, locks or no locks.

Prinicipal Doesn’t Want Gun Safety Classes From The Real Experts

Despite the gun prohibitionists’ attempt to rebrand themselves as “gun safety” groups, we all know that the National Rifle Association through its training classes and its Eddie Eagle program have instructed more people on gun safety than anyone else. Thus, when I saw that two Houston elementary schools canceled gun safety presentations for their students because they didn’t want to be perceived as backing the NRA, I was dismayed.

An elementary school and a preschool in Houston ISD have canceled gun-safety presentations for their young students over concerns that the National Rifle Association crafted the lessons.

A spokesman for the Houston Independent School District said Tuesday that the principals of Peck Elementary and the Martin Luther King Early Childhood Center did not know the NRA was behind the program.

“The principals made a decision they didn’t want to participate in an event that folks could perceive as them taking a position one way or another on the gun control debate or any other debate the NRA is involved in,” HISD spokesman Jason Spencer said.

Supposedly, the principal of Peck Elementary didn’t realize that the safety programs had been developed by the NRA. It may have been because the presentation was to be made by officers from the Metropolitan Transit Authority police department. Until she found out that detail, she was all happy about it.

Before cancelling the presentation, the principal of Peck, Carlotta Brown, gave a radio interview on Tuesday morning saying she was “so elated to have a gun safety program at our school today.”

“We have to make sure that all of our children are safe, our adults are safe and it starts in the elementary school,” Brown told KTRH, according to a broadcast on its website.

Brown did not mention the NRA in her comments, but the radio host noted that the association was behind the program and an NRA representative also was interviewed.

Spencer said Brown “did not make the connection that it was an NRA-driven event” until later when a news reporter asked to attend the presentation.

Metro Police Chief Victor Rodriguez said in a statement that he was aware that the NRA’s gun-safety curriculum would be used in the schools but said his officers were going to be giving the presentations.

“I am supportive of gun safety and programs that make our community safer by educating our youth,” Rodriguez said.

It is really kind of sad that an “educator” would let political correctness get in the way of protecting the children under her charge.