Say No To Vote By Mail In NC

Under the heading of never let a crisis go to waste, the NC State Board of Elections under the leadership of Gov. Roy Cooper’s handpicked director is proposing “emergency” changes to voting in North Carolina. The changes to the NC Administrative Code would allow alternatives to voting in person to include the Democrat’s holy grail of vote by mail.

The law currently allows alternatives due to natural disasters, armed conflict, or extremely inclement weather. The proposed alternative is seeking to have COVID-19 included under the definition of “natural disaster.”

The comment period ends on Monday, April 20th.

While the comment period has been open since March 20th, it has been cruising under the radar. That is, until Grass Roots North Carolina issued the following alert below.

Election day is months away, but they’ve decided that what is happening right now is a good enough  excuse to make drastic changes.
We the people control the government through our vote. Now the left wants to take it out of our hands. You only need to look at Virginia to see what can happen with one close election.  The left takes over and rams through all kinds of liberty destructive legislation.
Now they want to do the same here under the ever-convenient pretense of a temporary emergency to force the issue of mail in voting.
This is dangerous to democracy on a number of levels:
Identifying voters will be a thing of the past – along with free and fair elections.

There will be no ‘chain of custody’ of ballots – votes for the pro-liberty right could be easily ‘lost’.

While votes for leftist candidates could easily be ‘found’.
The New “Crisis” Power Grab
Governor Cooper’s hand-picked Director of Elections, Karen Brinson Bell wants to sneak thought a very dangerous change to election law without oversight from our Representatives in the Legislature.
They want to impose last-minute “emergency” changes to our election laws, all without legislative approval, and this could include all-mail voting and California-style ballot harvesting.

We have until Monday, April 20th to object to the proposed “power grab” by the Governor and the NC State Board of Elections. To assure that your objection(s) get to SBOE, please do these (2) things: (Please read both before proceeding.)

Here is the link to the portal where you can comment on the proposed rule change.     Remember, the Left is inundating the site with sob stories of how many will be disenfranchised and how we’re all going to die. They need to hear rational reasons from you.

Copy your email from the portal and paste it into an email to Attention: Rule Making Coordinator with one of the objections below or write one of your own using this info. 
(Why the email? We need an electronic footprint to prove these objections were sent. We don’t trust the BOE. They could make an excuse and say these objections were never sent. Computer down etc.)

PLEASE CONTRIBUTE TO GRNC: Help us fight gun control while we promote Second Amendment principles. Please CLICK HERE to contribute. Bear in mind that GRNC is an all-volunteer organization, so you can be sure your donations are put to the best possible use. Any amount helps, and any amount is appreciated.  

Suggested Subject: “No to Mail in voter fraud”   Dear : I object to your proposed executive overreach in forcing the mail in voting during a temporary emergency.

Such a scheme is fraught with danger to democracy and our representative republic. 

There will be no oversight by election officials.
The possibility of massive voter fraud.
There will be no ‘chain of custody’ for the ballots with another opportunity for massive fraud.

In short, this will destroy any confidence the people have in the electoral process and will taint any results and the legitimacy of the government itself. That is far more dangerous and life threatening than a disease outbreak that is showing signs that it is subsiding. 

There are a number of measures such as curb-side voting that can be taken – if necessary – to minimize the danger. 

I will be monitoring your actions on this issue closely through alerts from Grass Roots North Carolina.    


Our Gun-Owning Neighbors To The North Are In For It

The Liberal Party headed by political legacy Justin Trudeau just ousted the Conservative Party of Prime Minister Stephen Harper in nationwide elections yesterday. The Liberal Party took 184 seats out of 338 which gives them a working majority. They will not have to try and form a coalition government with other smaller parties. The Conservatives retain only 99 seats or 29% of the seats in the Canadian Parliament’s House of Commons.

So what does that mean for Canadian gun owners? First, let’s remember that the Conservative government under Stephen Harper did away with the ineffective and outrageously expensive gun registry. Second, there is this from the Liberal Party platform:

We will take action to get handguns and assault weapons off our streets.

Over the last decade, Stephen Harper has steadily weakened our gun laws in ways that make Canadians more vulnerable and communities more dangerous.

We will take pragmatic action to make it harder for criminals to get, and use, handguns and assault weapons. We will:

  • repeal changes made by Bill C-42 that allow restricted and prohibited weapons to be freely transported without a permit, and we will put decision-making about weapons restrictions back in the hands of police, not politicians;
  • provide $100 million each year to the provinces and territories to support guns and gangs police task forces to take illegal guns off our streets and reduce gang violence;
  • modify the membership of the Canadian Firearms Advisory Committee to include knowledgeable law enforcement officers, public health advocates, representatives from women’s groups, and members of the legal community;
  • require enhanced background checks for anyone seeking to purchase a handgun or other restricted firearm;
  • require purchasers of firearms to show a license when they buy a gun, and require all sellers of firearms to confirm that the license is valid before completing the sale;
  • require firearms vendors to keep records of all firearms inventory and sales to assist police in investigating firearms trafficking and other gun crimes;
  • immediately implement the imported gun marking regulations that have been repeatedly delayed by Stephen Harper; and
  • as part of our investment in border infrastructure, invest in technologies to enhance our border guards’ ability to detect and halt illegal guns from the United States entering into Canada.

We will not create a new national long-gun registry to replace the one that has been dismantled.

We will ensure that Canada becomes a party to the international Arms Trade Treaty.

The only thing positive in that list is the claim that a Liberal government will not create a new long-gun registry.

I hate to say it but the next five years are not going to be good ones for Canadian gun owners. Or the rest of Canada for that matter.

Occupy Gracie Mansion

Grace Mansion for the uninitiated is the official residence of the Mayor of New York. For the last several years it has been occupied by Michael Bloomberg, billionaire, nanny stater, and gun control proponent.

Not content to attempt to impose New York City-style gun control on the rest of the nation through his Mayor Against Illegal Guns, Bloomberg is now trying to buy six State Senate seats in the commonwealth of Virginia in an effort to block gun rights reforms there.

Bloomberg (I) has donated $25,000 of his own money to six Senate Democratic candidates, who are involved in some of the closest races in the state: Sen. Toddy Puller (Fairfax), Sen. Dave Marsden (Fairfax), Sen. George Barker (Prince William), Sen. Mark Herring (Loudoun), Sen. John Miller (Newport News) and Barbara Favola, who is running for an open seat in Arlington.

As noted in The Gothamist, not everyone is happy about Bloomberg’s meddling in their state.

When reached for comment on his donations, a manager at A&P Arms in Hampton, Virginia told a Daily News reporter, “He’s an arrogant bastard who shouldn’t be meddling.” This man will have his chance to tell Bloomberg what he thinks in person: the mayor plans to visit Virginia next week.

John Feinblatt, the mayor’s Criminal Justice Coordinator, is blunt about what they are trying to do.

The state Senate, controlled by Democrats 22-18, has blocked the passage of those bills (repeal of one gun a month and campus carry) – but the party’s hold on power is tenuous.

If these six would lose, the laws (gun rights bills) would sail through, said Feinblatt. A bad situation would get even worse.

The South saw its share of carpetbaggers and scalawags during Reconstruction. It looks like Mayor Bloomberg wants to go back to that era – at least when it comes to Virginia and gun control.

Clayton Cramer on the Lessons of McDonald v. Chicago

Clayton Cramer, historian and Second Amendment advocate, finds two essential lessons in the McDonald decision. The lessons he finds do not come from the decision itself but rather from the events necessary to build a majority that would find for the Second Amendment and from a body of both legal and historical scholarship used to support that decision.

The first lesson is that elections have consequences. He notes that the election of George W. Bush in 2000 and then the reelection in 2004 allowed Bush to appoint Chief Justice Roberts and Justice Alito to the Court.

Does anyone seriously think that President Gore’s appointments to the Supreme Court would have been part of 5-4 majorities in support of the Second Amendment? No matter how strong the arguments, Gore’s appointees would simply not have considered the Second Amendment an individual right.

The second lesson is that conservative scholarly research and support for it is just as important.

Scholarly research is important; even justices that are sympathetic to our perspective needed something to point to as evidence in support of the individual right. Quite a number of us have been researching the history of the right to arms for many years now, and the results of our work provided something that the justices could support without embarrassment.

Both are necessary. Winning presidential elections means sympathetic justices, and scholarly research means arguments that stand up well at oral arguments and in decisions. You can’t do just one and expect victory. You have to do both.

Unlike winning elections, building support for conservative social, legal, and historical research is a long-term proposition. If we don’t start to support these scholars now, it may just be too late.