One Of Our Own Makes Good

I just saw a press release this morning about fellow gun blogger Kevin Creighton. He blogs at Misfires and Light Strikes. He is now the new marketing manager for Osage County Guns in Belle, MO. He says he’ll be hanging up his blog and taking over the blog at Osage County Guns.

The official announcement in The Shooting Wire is below:

Osage County Guns Hires New Marketing Manager

Belle, Mo – Osage County Guns is pleased to announce the hiring of Kevin Creighton as their new Marketing Manager. In addition to his long history of success in online marketing for companies such as IBM Direct and, Kevin is also a well-known gunblogger and is an active competitor in both practical pistol and 3 gun.

Kevin joins Osage County Guns as Marketing Manager to expand their online presence and continue their tradition of first-class customer service. “Osage County Guns is known for how well they treat their customers, and I’m looking forward to continuing that tradition of service by developing their website into the premiere source of information on safe and responsible gun ownership.”

John Dawson, Vice President said “Customer satisfaction is always our goal at Osage County Guns, and Kevin’s wealth of experience and industry knowledge makes him a key addition to our team. We’re excited to add someone like Kevin who is both a part of the vibrant firearms community on the Internet and also has had a long and successful career in online marketing. Our priority has always been to provide an online experience that meets and exceeds the needs of today’s gun owner and we see his addition as an essential part of our future growth.”

Good for Kevin. Now if he can convince Osage County Guns to carry CZ pistols…..

On The Eve Of The SHOT Show

Media Day at the 2014 SHOT Show starts tomorrow and I won’t be there. Sigh. One of these years I will get a chance to return to the SHOT Show.

The one and only SHOT Show I attended was the one in Dallas in 1996. I was working as the part-time bookkeeper for a knife company and I got to help man the booth. I did get to leave the booth occasionally and I was like a kid in a candy store. It was awesome. It is one of those things everyone needs to do if they ever get the chance.

I won’t be at the show but Exurban Kevin will be and he is arranging a New Media Meetup. It is scheduled for Tuesday night at 9pm at The Bourbon Room in the Venetian. See the instructions at the link on how to RSVP.

In addition to helping organize the New Media Meetup, Kevin has kindly compiled a list of 12 things bloggers and new media types should do at the SHOT Show. Actually, it is a list everything you shouldn’t do if you ever hope to establish any sort of relationship with a firearms company or any other vendor. Doing some of these things might even be hazardous to your health such as numbers 7, 8, or 10.

To those who will be attending the SHOT Show, I hope you have a great time and I look forward to reading and/or hearing your reports from this great event.