Not Smart Business (Corrected)

The Illinois State Rifle Association issued the following urgent correction this afternoon regarding the benefit car wash:


On June 5, 2018, the Chicago Tribune’s Naperville Sun ran a story in which the leader of a west suburban gun control organization reported that she was holding a car wash to benefit gun control behind the Bill Kay Chevrolet auto dealership. Naturally, the wording of the article would lead readers to believe that Bill Kay was affiliated with the benefit car wash.

Bill Kay Chevrolet has since contacted the ISRA to report that the dealership is not affiliated with the car wash. Likewise, the Tribune has, on June 11, re-released their story with clarifying language that accurately identifies the location of the benefit car wash.

Now that the Tribune has corrected its article, the ISRA is advising its members that the Bill Kay Auto group is no way involved in the car wash and that gun owners should feel free to keep Bill Kay in mind when shopping for a new or used vehicle.

Bill Kay Auto Group is not so dumb after all. They will NOT be the sponsor of the car wash and is not involved in any way.

Nonetheless, the neo-Red Guard aka Hogg and Co. is coming to Illinois.

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If you were a gun owner in the Chicagoland area would you really want to support a chain of car dealers that is sponsoring a benefit for anti-gun group? I didn’t think so.

The Illinois State Rifle Association sent out an alert about a benefit car wash being held by Bill Kay Chevrolet for Friends Who March of Naperville, Illinois. The dealership is part of the Bill Kay Auto Group which has a number of dealerships around the Chicago area.

From ISRA:

A west suburban auto dealership will be holding a benefit “car wash” to support gun control legislation that, if passed, promises to empty your gun safe. Bill Kay Chevrolet, located on Ogden Avenue in Lisle, will be the site of the June 16th car wash. The event will reportedly kick off at Noon and end around 3:00 PM.

The beneficiary of the Bill Kay event is a cell of extremist gun controllers based in Naperville, IL. The radical group is known for organizing harassment activities against attendees of the DuPage Gun Show and for inciting near-riot conditions during a raucous anti-constitution, anti-freedom demonstration in Downers Grove last March. The gun control group has, as its objective, the banning and confiscation of your lawfully-acquired firearms.

As law-abiding gun owners, we shouldn’t be supporting businesses or other organizations that support and sustain attacks on our 2nd Amendment rights. The Bill Kay Auto Group has chosen to align itself with the gun controllers in their war against your rights as an American citizen. Bill Kay Auto Group’s overt support for gun control should carry consequences.

The Bill Kay Auto Group operates a number of dealerships throughout the Chicagoland area. Those dealerships represent a variety of brands – not just Chevrolet. So, the next time you go shopping for a vehicle, or when booking auto maintenance, remember that Bill Kay is not your friend. Vote with your feet – shop elsewhere.

The Chicago Tribune has more on the event and the featured guests of Friends Who March:

The Naperville town hall is one of the 50 stops on the 20-state Road to Change tour being conducted by David Hogg, Emma Gonzalez, Cameron Kasky, Jaclyn Corin and about two dozen other students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla., who experienced the mass shooting at their school in which 17 people were killed in February.

The students reached out to Jax West, president of Friends Who March, to organize a town hall event in the western suburbs because she helped host a March For Our Lives event in Downers Grove…

In addition to the town hall, West is planning a voter drive during a car wash Downers Grove North High School students are hosting with the Parkland students from noon to 3 p.m. June 16 behind the Bill Kay Chevrolet, near Ogden Avenue and Interstate 355 in Lisle.

The League of Women Voters of Downers Grove, Lisle and Woodridge will register people to vote at the event.

The Road to Change tour officially kicks off June 15 in Chicago, where Parkland students be joining a Peace March led by students from St. Sabina Academy.

There is no word if Father Pfleger of St. Sabina’s and his armed guard will attend the car wash or “Peace March”. Also there is no word whether David Hogg and his neo-Red Guard minions will make a pilgrimage to the grave of Saul Alinsky while in the Chicago area.

NRA’s Illinois Rep On “Snuffy” Pfleger

Todd Vandermyde, the NRA-ILA representative for the state of Illinois, was interviewed by Cam Edwards of NRA News on Fr. Michael “Snuffy” Pfleger’s recent press conference objecting to concealed carry in Illinois. As Vandermyde said, things are getting tough even in Illinois for the gun prohibitionists if they have to trot out Fr. Pfleger for a press conference during Thanksgiving Week.

As to the why he is called Snuffy, Fr. Pfleger called for snuffing out gun dealers in the Chicago area a few years ago. He, of course, denies he meant for any harm to come to them.

Pfleger’s sacramental faculties – the right to celebrate Mass, consecrate the Eucharist, etc. – were suspended earlier this year by Francis Cardinal George of the Chicago Archdiocese. It is my understanding that Pfleger is now back in the good graces of the Church after making his amends with Cardinal George.

Sucking Up To Father Pfleger

The new Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy comes to Chicago from New York by way of Newark, New Jersey. He was appointed to the job by Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

One of his first acts was to speak at Saint Sabina’s Catholic Church. That is the parish so long associated with Fr. Michael Pfleger who is as radical and anti-gun as they come. In his speech to the parishioners, he blames lax Federal gun control laws, the NRA, gun manufacturers, Sarah Palin, and the Second Amendment for the uncontrolled gang violence in the City of Chicago.

I could say that the people of Chicago got the police superintendent that they deserve but that would be unfair to the good people of Chicago like David and Colleen Lawson and Otis McDonald.

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UPDATE: NBC Chicago has noticed Police Superintendent McCarthy’s little foray into gun politics at St. Sabina’s. See their article here.

“[McCarthy] got it right on parts and got it wrong on others,” said Shawn Gowder, the Vice President of the Chicago Firearms Safety Association and the Sergeant of Arms for the African American Police League.

Gowder said McCarthy was right in remarking that government-sponsored racism began with slavery and Jim Crow, but said it was wrong to make the association with that and the availability of guns.

“The crime issue has nothing to do with racism. It has everthing to do with our ability to protect ourselves,” he said. “In Chicago, if we had our Second Amendment rights, there would be fewer criminals.”

Richard Pearson, the Executive Director of the Illinois State Rifle Association, said McCarthy is only attacking gun-rights advocates because “he has nothing else to offer.”

“He’s not talking about what the real problems are. He’s not facing the fact his gang unit failing, that the graduation rate in Chicago Public Schools is about 50 percent. He never mentions the economic problems,” said Pearson.