For Illinois Gun Owners And Voters

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Illinois gun owners and voters are faced with the choice today between Gov. Bruce Rauner (R-IL) and billionaire and Hyatt Hotels’ heir J.B. Pritzker. From what my Prairie State friends tell me, Rauner has been somewhat ineffectual as governor but has vetoed some of the most egregious gun control legislation to come out of the Illinois General Assembly. Pritzker, on the other hand, promises to support the whole litany of gun control from gun bans to state licensing of firearms dealers. The RealClearPolitics poll average on this race gives a clear edge to Pritzker. It will stay that way if gun owners stay home.

Both the Illinois State Rifle Association and Illinois Carry are supporting Rauner who they say has had an open door to them. Expect that door to be nailed shut under Pritzker.

Illinois Carry sent this out yesterday by email. They are correct in asserting that if all FOID card holders voted the 2A that it might be safe in Illinois.

Candidate for Governor
J.B. Pritzker Announces :
“NO safe space for NRA in Illinois!”
J.B. Pritzker vows, “The NRA will have no safe space in Illinois if I am elected governor.”  That means NO safe space for you and me!
Governor Rauner is the absolute only logical choice for gun owners.  He has a FOID card and supports the Second Amendment. The
Governor has provided IllinoisCarry access to his office and staff. He
has sought our opinions on gun legislation.  This last legislative
session, his veto and amendatory veto power was all that stood between
gun owners and the anti-Constitution tyrants in Springfield.  
Pritzker is elected – that protection will be gone and all he will need
is a simple majority to pass all the horrible anti-gun bills that gun
owners have been fighting against all these years.
how safe the Second Amendment would be here in Illinois if all
2,287,291 FOID card holders went into the voting booth Tuesday and voted
for pro-Second Amendment candidates like Gov. Rauner.
The Second Amendment
Is At Stake On Nov. 6th!
We Urge All Gun Owners To Vote!

Illinois Governor Issues Amendatory Veto Of Assault Weapons Bill

Gov. Bruce Rauner (R-IL) issued an amendatory veto of Illinois HB 1468. An amendatory veto is when the governor replaces language in a bill passed by the Illinois General Assembly with his own language. The General Assembly has three options. First, do nothing and the bill will die. Second, override the veto with a three-fifths vote in each house and the original language becomes law. Finally, pass the law with the amended language with a simple majority.

IllinoisCarry has an extensive post on the amendatory veto which I am posting below. It does contains things that would be objectionable in a more pro-gun state but are seen as a compromise in Illinois. This would include things like a bumpstock and trigger crank ban as well as 72 hour waiting period on all gun sales.

From IllinoisCarry with links to their discussion forum and Gov. Rauner’s veto message:

Rauner issued an amendatory veto yesterday of HB1468. The bill sent to
the Governor’s desk 60 days ago with a veto proof majority would have
codified into law, for the first time in IL history, a broad brush
definition of ‘assault weapons’. As we had hoped, he stripped the
‘assault’ language out of the bill and instead opted for a 72 hr.
waiting period on all gun sales rather than risk law abiding gun owners
getting caught up in a felony trick bag set up by anti-Second Amendment
democrats. In a surprising move, the amendatory veto also included
instituting the death penalty for mass killers, freed up local revenue
to fund resource officers and mental health workers in our schools, a
ban on bump stocks, and set the framework for limiting people who are a
danger to themselves or others from having access to firearms. 
the veto, the Governor protects Illinois gun owners from a  gun
grabbing scheme which would have made firearm restraining orders easy to
obtain, virtually no-penalty for false testimony, and taking firearms
away from nearly anyone by almost anybody for any reason. With the
amendatory veto, it becomes a roadblock with a  felony penalty for false
testimony,  prevents vindictive grudges being used to take firearms
from lawful gun owners while providing a process to curb mentally ill
respondents – like the Parkland High School and Waffle House killers –
who are a danger to themselves or others from legally possessing
firearms . It also provides a clear and timely process for restoration
of  rights when a person is no longer a danger.
The full text of the veto can be viewed here.  Discussion of the veto can be found on IllinoisCarry’s discussion forum.

Two Steps Forward; Potentially Many Back In Illinois

As I reported yesterday, Gov. Bruce Rauner (R-IL) did the right thing and vetoed SB 1657 – the Gun Dealer Licensing Bill. However, there are many more bills out there that need to die. Moreover, the anti-gun forces are attempting to repeal the state law that pre-empts local regulation of firearms. You can imagine the regulations that would be enacted by Chicagoland politicians in the city and the suburbs.

On another note, kudos to the Iroquois County Board for its pro-Second Amendment resolution. The county is located in northeastern Illinois between Chicago and Champaign-Urbana on the Indiana border.

Illinois Carry has sent out this alert. If you are an Illinois resident, contact your representative and senator. Now.

Governor Rauner Vetoes Gun Dealer Licensing
Calls for Bipartisan Solutions
a full court press, all hands on deck, Katie bar the door effort by the
anti Second Amendment legislators in Chicago, Governor Rauner, with a stroke of his pen, has undone the heinous firearm dealer licensing bill.
been working with the Governor and his staff from day one for just a
time as this. IllinoisCarry has taken him at his word and with this, the
worst gun bill to hit an Illinois governor’s desk in decades, he has
proven his mettle.
extends our sincere thanks to the Governor, and to our members who
supported him while considering this difficult, but well reasoned,
But the fight isn’t over!
expect anti-gun Chicago legislators to attempt an override of the
Governor’s veto, and to pass several other pieces of legislation.
An amendment has been filed on HB1465 “Assault Weapon” ban Under 21
proposing an “affirmative defense” for our youth who participate in
shooting sports with adults.  This is a poor attempt to make shooting
sports illegal for our children while seemingly addressing our concerns.
An amendment was filed on HB1467 Bump Stock & Trigger Crank Ban to
now include the repeal of state preemption of local gun law, turning a
bill that some considered an acceptable loss into election year theater.
New momentum was given SB2314 Assault Weapons – Municipality, the inspiration for elimination preemption, and SB2317 Crim Cd Trigger Modification,  yet another flavor of bump stock ban.
Call Your State Senator!
Tell your Senator to vote against any attempt to override Governor Rauner’s veto of SB1657 Gun Dealer Licensing.
Also urge your state Senator to vote No on the following bills and any amendments to these bills:
HB1465 “Assault Weapon Under 21
HB1467 Bump Stock & Trigger Crank Ban
SB2314 Assault Weapon – Municipality
SB2317 Crim Cd Trigger Modification

Contact information for your legislators can be found here.
Iroquois County Board Passes
Pro-Second Amendment Resolution!
Tuesday night, Mar. 13th the Iroquois County Board voted to adopt
the following resolution supporting lawful gun owners in Illinois.  We
encourage other counties to adopt similar resolutions, and ask each of
you to share a copy with your
county board members!
Copies of the resolution and contact infromation can be found here.
of the

Resolution opposing the passage of HB1465, HB 1467, HB1468, HB1469, SB1657, any
trailer bill, or any bill similar too, or any bill where the 100th Illinois General Assembly
desires to restrict the Individual right of US Citizens as protected by the Second
Amendment of the United States Constitution
WHEREAS, the Right of the People to Keep and Bear Arms is guaranteed as an Individual Right under
the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution and under the Constitution of the State of Illinois, and;

WHEREAS, the Right of the People to Keep and Bear Arms for defense of Life, Liberty, and Property
is regarded as an Inalienable Right by the People of Iroquois County, Illinois, and:

WHEREAS, the People of Iroquois County, Illinois, derive economic benefit from all safe forms of
firearms recreation, hunting, and shooting conducted within Iroquois County using all types of firearms
allowable under the United States Constitution and;

WHEREAS, HB1465 is a violation of the 4th Amendment to the US Constitution requiring responsible
persons under 21 to surrender lawfully owned firearms or face becoming instant felons; fails to define how to
relinquish firearms; only allows possession at Sparta shooting complex, but fails to provide similar exemptions
for recreational shooting at gun clubs, private ranges or under supervision of responsible adult or parent, unless
certified as a firearms instructor;

WHEREAS HB1467 is violation of the 4th Amendment to the US Constitution requiring persons to
immediately relinquish lawfully owned bump stocks or trigger cranks, while also failing to provide where and
how to relinquish firearms devices, thus creating instant felons upon passage;

WHEREAS HB1468 contains broad and unclear definitions which will cause confusion amongst
firearm owners and dealers as to which type of firearm is subject to 72 hour wait period; bans nonresidents from
purchasing certain long guns defined loosely as assault weapons, puts dealers in jeopardy of unknowingly
violating the law;

WHEREAS HB1469 is violation of the 4th Amendment to the US Constitution requiring persons to
immediately relinquish lawfully owned magazines, fails to provide how to properly relinquish banned
magazines, creates instant felons if enacted as written, creates conflicts allowing for sale to out of state persons
while stating possession is a felony, bans body armor worn as protection for those who employ the use of chain
saws, motorcyclists, range officers and firearm instructors, shop owners and employees who work in dangerous
neighborhoods or during night shifts;

SB1657 and trailer bills will create economic hardship on lawfully
owned and operated, small business firearm dealerships, in effect
forcing them to close; will create undue burdens and price increases on
persons to lawfully purchase firearms; will have a direct negative
impact on local economies thru job loss and sales tax loss; will create
another layer of burdensome government regulation on top of the heavy
Federal regulations; imposes new fees on top of existing Federal license

WHEREAS, Iroquois County Board, being elected to represent the People of Iroquois County and
being duly sworn by their Oath of Office to uphold the United States Constitution and the Constitution of the
State of Illinois, and;

the Illinois House of Representatives and the Illinois Senate, being
elected by the People of the State of Illinois and being duly sworn by
their Oath of Office to uphold the United States Constitution and the
Constitution of the State of Illinois, and;

WHEREAS, The Governor of Illinois, being elected to represent the People of the State of Illinois and
being duly sworn by your Oath of Office to uphold the United States Constitution and the Constitution of the
State of Illinois, and;

proposed legislation, any bills similar to, under consideration by the
Illinois State Legislature would infringe the Right to Keep and Bear
Arms and would ban the possession and use of firearms, magazines, body
armor now employed by individual citizens of Iroquois County, Illinois,
for defense of Life, Liberty and Property and would ban the possession
and use of firearms now employed for safe forms of firearms recreation,
hunting and shooting conducted within Iroquois County, Illinois;

the proposed legislation potentially violates the 5th Amendment failing
to provide just compensation under the takings clause, 8th Amendment
imposition against excessive fines and punishments on law abiding
citizens by punitive forfeiture/relinquishment of lawfully owned
property, and Ex Post Facto Law Clause of the United States

NOW, THEREFORE, IT BE AND IS HEREBY RESOLVED that the People of Iroquois County,
Illinois, do hereby oppose the enactment of any legislation that would infringe upon the Right of the People to
keep and bear arms and consider such laws to be unconstitutional and beyond lawful Legislative Authority.

that the Iroquois County Board demands that the Illinois General
Assembly cease further actions restricting the Right of the People to
keep and bear arms, and hereby demand that the Governor of Illinois veto
all such legislation which restricts the Right of the People to keep
and bear
that the Clerk of Iroquois County is hereby directed to prepare and
deliver certified copies of this Resolution to all members of the
Illinois General Assembly and to the Office of the Governor.

Some Good News Out Of Illinois

Finally, some good news on gun rights out of Illinois. Gov. Bruce Rauner (R-IL) vetoed SB 1657 which would have forced Illinois gun dealers to be licensed by both the Federal government and the state. It was legislation intended to eventually force the mom and pop gun shops out of business.

However, the fight is not over. There are other bills out there as well as the potential for Rauner’s veto to be overridden.

From ISRA:

An Alert For Those In Illinois

Given that the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives regulates all gun stores and other Federal firearms licensees, why would a state want to require them to have a state license as well? The answer is simple – to put them out of business.

That is the case in Illinois where the legislature passed bills that would require all stores selling guns – Mom & Pops, hardware stores, and the big box stores – to have a state license which costs $1,000 for 5 years. This adds a $200 cost to the annual $300 cost of a 01 FFL. The gun prohibitionists also know that the big box stores are more susceptible to PR blackmail – witness Dick’s, Kroger’s, and Walmart – than the Mom & Pop gun shops.

The Illinois State Rifle Association is asking Gov. Bruce Rauner (R-IL) to stand up and veto these bills.


It is time to call Governor Rauner!

Please politely call the office of Constituent Affairs at 217.782.0244 and ask the Governor to VETO
both Gun Dealer Licensing Bills: SB1657 and HB1273.

Please share this alert!  If you are not an ISRA member, please join NOW!

If you are a gun owner living in the Prairie State, you NEED to belong to ISRA. Since concealed carry passed, the number of members has dropped while the number of permits and gun owners has increased. Too many people rested on their laurels and bad guns bills got through as a result. You want the politicians, especially those in marginal districts, to look out and see all those members. You want them to weigh their actions carefully. You want them to realize that voting for gun control is a sure bet that they won’t be reelected which is the goal, stated or otherwise, of damn near every politician.