Magazine Versus Clip

Greg Hickok – Hickok45 on YouTube – has come out with a short video showing the differences between a clip and a magazine. You wish this would be required viewing for every journalist or politicians who decides to opine about banning “high capacity assault clips” in the wake of the Newtown shootings. As Greg says in the video, he doesn’t know of any clips that hold more than 10 rounds.

This would also be a good video to share with your newbie shooter friends who may have rushed out to buy a firearm for the first time in the last month or so. It will help them learn the correct terminology and feel a little less like a neophyte.

Now For The Real AK Cleaning Video

Greg Hickok – Hickok45 – had people going with his spoof video on cleaning an AK-47/AK-74. Now he has released the real video below on cleaning an AK.

One thing Greg makes clear in this video is that you are often dealing with corrosive ammo. He refers to using Windex but prefers using Ballistol. I’ve used Windex myself in the past but anything that dissolve the corrosive salts will work. If I remember correctly, the British had a special funnel for pouring boiling soapy water down the barrels of their Enfield rifles which would work as well.

Hickok45 On The Savage 99

Greg Hickok – Hickok45 – reviews the Savage 99 and the .300 Savage cartridge. I don’t own any lever actions but I have been enamored of the Savage 99 and Savage 1899 for a long time now. It is probably because it is different from other lever guns and it is available in a number of calibers that aren’t traditionally found in lever actions. The internal rotary magazine allowed the Savage 99 to use spitzer bullets. Thus, you can find the now-discontinued Savage 99 in such calibers as the .243 Winchester, the .308 Winchester, and the .22-250 Remington.

As all collectors say at one time or another – one of these days…. 

Hickok45 On The MagLula UpLula

I have a MagLula UpLula and just love it. It really saves your thumbs when trying to load double-stack pistol magazines.

I also have their loaders for the AR-15 and the AK. They will load a mag as fast as you can put the cartridges in it. They also can unload mags just as fast.

Greg Hickok – Hickok45 – just posted a new YouTube video showing how fast and easy it works. Like Greg, I wasn’t sent one by MagLula but love it nonetheless. However, if they want to send me one for the FAL, I wouldn’t turn it down!

Life Is Good

As Greg Hickok aka Hickok45 said at the end of this video, “Life is good!” Having participated in the LuckyGunner Blogger Shoot, I couldn’t agree more. Greg and his son John shot more machine guns than I did but I think we all had a great time.