Cheers, North Dakota!

In the list of states with the highest consumption of beer, North Dakota is number one. Drinkers of legal age in North Dakota drank an average of 45.8 gallons per person. The overall US average is 28.2 gallons per drinker of legal age.

Rounding out the Top Five after North Dakota are, in order, New Hampshire, Montana, South Dakota, and Wisconsin. I would have expected the drinkers in Wisconsin, the home of beer and brats, to have come in higher. I also thought Texas would have made the list.

The other thing I notice about this list is that all are Northern states with long and dark winters. I guess beer helps the residents get through them.

Rockingham County Will Make It All

When it comes to manufacturing it all, I don’t know if any place will be able to top Rockingham County, North Carolina. By all, I mean alcohol, tobacco, and firearms.

MillerCoors Brewing operates a large brewery in Eden.

Imperial Tobacco manufactures cigarettes in Reidsville.

The addition of Ruger’s planned manufacturing plant in Mayodan will now complete the trio.

I really can’t think of any other location where all three products are currently made by major manufacturers

Lighting The Man Cave

You’ve retreated to the man cave. You can’t take any more of the garbage that passes for entertainment on TV nowadays and have decided to read a good book. But a cave being a cave, it needs some lighting as it gets to be bothersome using night-vision goggles for reading.

Fortunately, a company called Tactical Lamp Worx has the solution. Since not just any lamp will do for the man cave they have created lamps out of AR-15 parts.

All the lamps are custom-made. The prices begin at $400 but you can lower the price somewhat by providing some of your own parts. While not cheap, I’m guessing this would comparable to what you would pay for a “designer” lamp. I doubt anyone else will ever have a lamp just like yours.

I love the motto of Tactical Lamp Worx – Pissing off liberals, one lamp at a time!

H/T Soldiers Systems

I Volunteer!

A legislator in the state of Utah, Rep. Brian Doughty (D-Salt Lake City), is proposing a law that would require that at least a minority of their Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control be drinkers. This currently would mean two of the five members would be imbibers. His concern is that the DABC doesn’t have a clue about their customers which I think is quite valid. Reportedly, his bill has been passed out of committee.

In any other state than Utah, this would not be an issue. However, Utah is not your normal state in this regard given the aversion to alcohol by the majority of residents due to their religious faith.

If they are having trouble finding qualified candidates, I will gladly volunteer if the price is right and if it includes moving expenses. I might have some trouble adjusting to their arid climate but given their gun friendliness, I’m sure I could manage it.