SAF Comments On The Robbery Of Justice Breyer At Machete-Point

Justice Stephen Breyer and his family were recently the victims of an armed robbery at his vacation home on the Caribbean island of Nevis. The robber was armed with a machete. The Second Amendment Foundation has released a statement regarding this incident.


For Immediate Release: 2/14/2012

BELLEVUE, WA – The recent robbery of Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer at a vacation home in the West Indies should hopefully cause the learned jurist to re-examine his core beliefs about the individual right to keep and bear arms at places other than their primary residence, the Second Amendment Foundation said today.

Breyer has voted with the minority twice in recent years against recognizing that the Second Amendment protects an individual civil right to keep and bear arms, in both the Heller and McDonald cases. He was robbed last week, along with his wife and some guests, by an intruder wielding a machete, according to published reports. Justice Breyer was not harmed, but the robber got away with about $1,000 in cash.

“We’re delighted that Justice Breyer was not hurt during this incident,” said SAF founder and Executive Vice President Alan M. Gottlieb, “and hopefully this case will give him a new perspective on the right to bear arms for personal safety. Police cannot always be around when you need them, even if you’re a Supreme Court justice. One does not leave his right of self-defense at the doorstep of his home when he travels.

“If this demonstrates anything to Justice Breyer,” he continued, “it is that crime does not happen just at someone’s primary residence, and criminals do not make appointments, giving someone time to unlock and assemble and load a firearm. You must be able to protect yourself, even on vacation outside of your home state, at a moment’s notice. That’s not just a civil right, but a basic human right.

“When Justice Breyer dissented in the Heller case,” Gottlieb recalled, “he expressed concerns about keeping loaded firearms in the home for personal protection. Faced with a machete in the hands of a criminal, one wonders whether Breyer might have quietly wished he had a gun with which he could have defended himself, his wife and their guests. We hope this incident gives him new insight with which to temper his views.”

I’m not sure if “machete-point” is a word or not but if I had been threatened by a robber who was wielding one, I’d definitely consider it a word. I’m sure Justice Breyer might agree.

As to the lethality of a machete, it was the weapon of choice in the Rwandan genocide. According to Wikipedia, “Even after the 1993 peace agreement signed in Arusha, businessmen close to General Habyarimana imported 581,000 machetes for Hutu use in killing Tutsi, because machetes were cheaper than guns.” These machetes were used to kill somewhere between 500,000 and a million Tutsi in an approximately three month period of time.

Justice Breyer: “Get On A Subway And Go To Maryland”

Justice Stephen Breyer was on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace. They discussed the history and intent of the Second Amendment (and Breyer’s interpretation of it).

The money quote was when he said to Chris Wallace, “Are you a sportsman? Do you like to shoot pistols at targets? Well then get on the subway and go to Maryland. There is no problem!” This was in reference to Wallace noting that there is still an effective ban on handguns in the District of Columbia.

I just love how cavalier Justice Breyer appears in his discussion of the Second Amendment. There is no problem except that it is a fundamental right enshrined in the Bill of Rights. To have a sitting Associate Justice of the Supreme Court utterly dismissing my rights as an American just galls me to no end.

Lest we forget, Justice Breyer was Bill Clinton’s gift to American jurisprudence. While we don’t have to worry about any more Clinton appointments, we still must worry about Obama and any future appointments by him.

H/T Gateway Pundit

Update: Fox has posted a story on this interview. You can read it here. It will still make you mad. Cam Edwards says he intends to rebut it point by point on his show tomorrow.

Update II: Fox has posted the full interview. I have embedded it if you want to view it.