There Are Sporks And Then There Are Tactical Sporks

You often get the plastic sporks (spoon with fork tines) in fast food restaurants. I’ve read that prisons use them a lot because it is hard to make it into a weapon.

CRKT makes a couple of sporks mixed with bottle openers and other tools. I have the one designed by Liong Mah and its quite handy. I keep it in my travel kit.

I just read this weekend that Ka-Bar is coming out with a Tactical Spork. It has a handle based upon their Bowie-style Ka-Bar knife. Moreover, unlike your other sporks, this one has a serrated knife hidden in the handle.

I guess there is nothing that can’t be sold if it has the word “tactical” in its name. That said, if Ka-Bar has one at their booth at the NRA Annual Meeting, I’ll probably buy a couple since their MSRP is only $6.93.

A Video History Of Ka-Bar Knives

I came across this from Blade Magazine. While I don’t have a Marine Combat Knife, I do have one of Ka-Bar’s TDI Law Enforcement Knives. They make good stuff!

One thing I didn’t know was that they were founded in Tidioute, Pennsylvania as Tidioute Cutlery. The Tidioute brand has been brought back by Great Eastern Cutlery of Titusville, PA. The brand is in good hands as GEC makes some of the best pocketknives to be found nowadays.

I may just have to get one of those Marine Combat Knives one of these days. It is not like I need another knife but why not? It’s a piece of American history.