Quote Of The Day

Sickened by the groveling response from the White House and the State Department to the murder of the US Ambassador to Libya and to the wave of Arab violence in the Middle East, Kirsten Powers in an opinion piece for Fox News said this:

Apparently our foreign policy is now being run by Dr. Phil. Someone needs to explain to the White House that our Constitution protects freedom of religion from government interference, not the protection from people who say mean, critical or offensive things about one’s religion.

 I have severely criticized Kirsten Powers in the past for her comments on Project Gunwalker. Nonetheless, I think she hits the nail on the head here. – and with flair!

Kirsten Powers Is An Airhead

Fox viewers voted that they wanted the topic of Fox’s Friday Lightning Round to be about Operation Fast and Furious. The panelists included Jonah Goldberg from the National Review, Democrat political analyst Kristen Power, and syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer. It was moderated by Bret Baier.

Goldberg, Baier, and Krauthammer made some good points. Goldberg pointed out that if the economy wasn’t so much in the tank and the unemployment rate at 9.2% this would be getting a lot more press. Krauthammer opined that he thought this will continue on into the fall and become an “Autumn Scandal” as well as a summer scandal. Baier continued to bring up the Tampa Field Division and their involvement in walking guns to MS-13 in Honduras.

FoxNews has a lot of attractive and smart blondes on their network. Kirsten Powers is not one of them. I realize that Kirsten Powers’ main role for Fox is to spout the official Democrat Party line. That said, she comes across like an airhead whose sole goal was to deflect attention from Eric Holder and try to make the story about Rep. Darrell Issa. She was totally unbelievable and displayed incredible ignorance about the whole scandal. I guess I should be happy because it showed just how weak the arguments being put out by the White House and the Democrat Party really are.

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