Madison Rising’s Birthday Wishes To The Marines

I met the members of Madison Rising at the Gun Rights Policy Conference in Orlando a few years ago. Their lead singer, Dave Bray, was a Navy FMF Corpsman attached to the 2nd Marines which explains this birthday message to the USMC.

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Happy 240th Birthday United States Marines
Please join us in wishing a happy 240th birthday (November 10, 2015) to the greatest fighting force in the world: The United States Marine Corps!Special thanks to The Young Marines national youth organization, R. Lee Ermey, the producers of The Hornet’s Nest and the Dept. of Defense. Semper Fi!
Posted by Madison Rising on Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Madison Rising At GRPC

Madison Rising performed both nights at the Gun Rights Policy Conference and I think they were a big hit despite the amount of gray hair that many of us had.

(L-R) Alex Bodnar, Steve Padelski, Sam Fishman, us, Dave Bray

In one of those stranger than fiction coincidences, we got an email on Saturday from the Complementary Spouse’s 69-year old uncle with a link to Madison Rising playing The Star Spangled Banner saying how it was an amazing rendition. We, of course, rubbed it in a little by saying we just heard it in person.

There are many ways to get the message of freedom out. Madison Rising is one of them and a damn good one at that.

Insurrectionist Metal

I’m sure that the head of a well-known Director of Communications for a gun prohibitionist group will explode when he sees this video from Madison Rising. After all, he says the 70s band America is one of his favorite bands and these guys are pretty far from 70s pop music.

It is called “Right To Bear” and is very pro-Second Amendment. You can find the full lyrics on Madison Rising’s website.

Thanks to Doc Wesson of the Gun Nation Podcast for featuring them on a recent podcast which allowed me to discover them.