I Lied!

Basically, I’m an honest person. You ask me a question, I’ll give you the best answer that I know  how. That said, I lied yesterday.

I am switching internists. My old doctor, nice (and competent) though she was, never was on time. It drove me crazy to be the first or second person on the schedule and she was still late. So I switched.

When you are establishing a relationship with a new physician, they ask a lot of questions. Are you married? Who is your emergency contact? Are your parents still alive? Et cetera, et cetera, et cetera to quote Yul Brenner in The King and I.

So I am sitting in the examining room with the medical office assistant and she is going down the list of questions. She gets to a few she called “safety questions”. You know where I am going with this.

She asked, “Are there any guns in the home?” Rather than giving an evasive answer of “no comment” or asking “why do you want to know?”, I gave a clear, definitive “NO”.

I freely lied and I would do it again.

I was confirmed in my decision to lie when as the doctor was asking more medical history questions he stopped and apologized saying they were due to ObamaCare. I said I don’t have ObamaCare and he said they still force us to ask them. He was an experienced physician who had been practicing for many years and you could tell the bureaucratic oversight of his profession was driving him nuts. I know and he knows that somewhere some faceless bureaucrat sitting in some Federal agency will be data mining my responses.

As I joked with the Complementary Spouse later in the evening, I said we don’t have any guns in the home – we have firearms. On a serious note, I can’t tell you how to answer this question. I am firmly in the camp of it is none of their business. If you have to lie to protect your privacy and your Second Amendment rights, is it really a lie. Maybe yes, maybe no but you’ll have to let your own conscience be your guide.