So Do We Need The Coalition To Stop Ax Violence?

In what only can be considered an extremely sad story, a Phoenix father murdered his son with an ax on New Year’s Eve.

The Phoenix police were called by the 13 year-old boy’s mother when the father failed to return the child to the mother after his visitation period. The parents are divorced.

From ABC 15 in Phoenix:

When officers arrived, (the father) told them his son was not home. Officers asked more questions and the suspect allowed officers into his home, Martos said.

When police entered the home, they found 13-year-old David Sherrill deceased with signs of trauma. (Phoenix PD Sgt. Steve) Martos said the victim had stab wounds and lacerations to several parts of his body.

When homicide detectives arrived, (the father) confessed to killing his son with an ax and told officials he was scared of his son. He told police he believed his son was a demon and was going to eat him.

There is no Coalition to Stop Ax Violence and I doubt we are going to see calls for universal background checks for ax purchases.

This tragic story illustrates two things.

First, the tool used to commit murder is irrelevant. Young David Sherrill is just as dead from an ax as he would have been from a firearm. The only difference is that this murder was, in my opinion, more brutal.

Second, as with rampage shootings, it is mental illness that is the real issue. A sane person doesn’t go on a rampage shooting and a sane person doesn’t murder his own son with an ax.

Ben Stein On The Need For Gun Control…Or Not

Economist, lawyer, and actor Ben Stein provides an occasional editorial comment on CBS’s Sunday Morning. Today’s topic was gun control. Contrary to what one usually gets on guns from the mainstream media, this was actually good.

Stein felt the calls for more gun control as well as the attempts to demonize the NRA are misplaced. He pointed out that in places like Chicago, LA, and DC which have strong gun control laws there are many more shootings than in a place like northern Idaho where carrying guns is quite common. While Stein is not sure what the correct answer is, gun control isn’t it.

We know that gun control is a failure and that it will never stop madmen. If we want to prevent the aberrant shootings like Virginia Tech and Aurora, Colorado, I think the answer lies in the mental health realm. This is what Clayton Cramer has been saying for a while now and I think he is correct.