Consult An Expert!

Sometimes you come across stuff that just makes you laugh because it so outrageous. Here is a case in point.

Jack Dunning is the Phoenix Political Buzz Examiner for He wanted to know about state requirements for training for gun owners. Being in Phoenix, you might have thought he’d go to Alan Korwin who has published a number of books on gun laws in both the United States and individual states. Indeed, Alan’s website is even called which should have made it simple.

No, he decided to consult a “real expert”:

This gun show loophole/background checks issue is one area that needs fixing. But another is required education and training before you can own a gun. Arizona has nothing, zip. Most states don’t. I decided to ask an expert so I contacted Ladd Everitt, Director of Communications for the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, and asked the following question: “Can you tell me the average gun training/education a gun owner is required to have?”

Calling Ladd Everitt an expert on gun laws is such an oxymoron that it borders on incomprehensible.

Mr. Dunning is a bit to the left of Mao and Lenin and is extremely anti-gun rights. His non-Examiner blog, Nasty Jack, makes that pretty clear. If you have been banned by Daily Kos and you’re not a conservative, that says something!