Another NRA Ad On Local TV

Just after another Kay Hagan attack ad which, I, of course, muted, comes an ad featuring Natalie Foster. I’m like, wait, that’s a NRA ad. Quick, unmute the TV. It was the one below on privacy which is a really good ad.

I’m really glad to see the NRA starting to run these ads featuring the new generation of commentators dealing with issues like neighborhood safety, privacy, etc.

Is anyone else seeing these ads in your states? I’d like to hear about it.

Natalie Foster – “Profit”

Natalie Foster dissects the “greedy gun company” myth in her latest NRA News Commentary video. She discusses how uninformed people might be taken in by the gun prohibitionists’ claim that gun companies only care about the bottom line and don’t care about people or safety.

Of course, as Natalie notes, gun companies don’t put profit over safety. Moreover, most gun companies are family run companies and that these companies care about their customers.

As I’ve said many times, the move by NRA News to offer viewpoints from younger commentators such as Natalie and ColionNoir is a smart one. It shows that the gun culture is not a monolithic culture made up of old redneck white guys. That stereotype might work for some markets but it is a myth and these videos effectively challenge it.

Natalie Foster On Language

Natalie Foster of A Girl’s Guide to Guns fame has a new commentary about about the abuse of language used by the gun prohibitionists. I’m glad to know that I’m not the only one whose hackles start to rise when they hear the words “commonsense”, “reasonable”, or the new buzzword du jour, “gun safety”. Natalie calls this condescending, manipulative language meant to confuse the voters. She is absolutely correct.

Alan Korwin of has pointed out many times that we need to change our use of language. Instead of being pro-gun, we are pro-rights. Natalie makes the point when she talks about the use of the word “gun safety” as a stand-in for gun control. If you are against the newest gun safety law aka gun control, it puts us in an uncomfortable position if we would be forced to say we are anti-gun safety laws. I think you get the point.

MSNBC Recognizes Women Own Guns

In what is a surprisingly unslanted report from MSNBC, Kristen Dahlgren reports on women shooting and owning guns. Featured in the report was Natalie Foster of A Girl’s Guide to Guns who I think did an excellent job in framing the issues surrounding gun control.

This report needs to be seen and re-seen as it helps break the media stereotype of the average gun owner being a fat, middle-aged white guy with little education. 

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