What They Think Of Us

Progress NC Action is one group that dumped on Rep. Tricia Cotham (R-Mecklenburg) for being in the hospital on the day the override vote on SB 41 was taken. It was so nasty and so virulent when combined with the grief she endured from other “progressives” that she switched parties and became a Republican. That gave the GOP the supermajority in the NC House of Representatives.

If you really want to know what they think of the gun culture and those who support an enumerated right, just look at this Tweet.

Richard Nascak, executive director of Florida Carry, had the perfect comeback.

As Massad Ayoob said years ago, gun free zones are nothing but hunting preserves for psychopathic murderers.

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GOP To Gain Supermajority In NC House

Rep. Tricia Cotham of Mecklenburg County has indicated she will be switching from the Democrats to the Republicans. Speaker Tim Moore, Rep. Cotham, and other GOP leaders will be holding a press conference Wednesday morning to announce the switch.

You may remember she was vilified by Carolina Forward and other leftists for her excused absence on the day the veto override for SB 41 was held. Reportedly, she suffers from long COVID having had it three times and was scheduled to have treatment that day. She had notified by the Speaker and the Minority Leader of her planned absence.

I think the cartoon below shows why she might be making the switch.

Rep. Cecil Brockman (D-Guilford) who was also absent that day suggested how she was treated over the veto may have something to do with it.

From Axios:

Rep. Cecil Brockman, who is also a moderate Democrat, told the News & Observer he doesn’t blame Cotham and said he thought the reaction from Democrats drove her to switch parties.

“I think she just wanted to do what’s best for her district and when you’re constantly talked about and trashed — especially the way that we have been over the past few weeks — I think this is what happens,” Brockman said.

As might be expected, Democrats are calling for her to resign. The Charlotte Observer in a snarky editorial is calling it a betrayal of the voters. While I don’t have any confirmation of it, I have even heard she has received death threats which given how the Left operates would not surprise me.

I think if Rep. Brockman decided he had enough of the ill-treatment he would also be welcomed by the GOP. However, I think he would be trashed even worse than Rep. Cotham given he is an African-American. That is really sad.

UPDATE: This is a meme that Sean Sorrentino posted on Twitter. He is right – the Democrats in NC have gone hard left. It was why I left many years before Rep. Cotham.

Veto Overriden; Pistol Purchase Permit Repealed! (Updated)

The North Carolina House of Representatives joined the Senate in voting to over-ride Gov. Roy Cooper’s veto of SB 41. The vote was 71 aye, 46 nay, and 3 absent or not voting. The vote transcript has not been published as of this writing. I will update it later today when it is available.

SB 41 now goes into law. One of the everlasting stains of North Carolina’s segregationist, white surpremacist past is now erased. It only took 104 years. The Jim Crow-era pistol purchase permit is now history.

Just as importantly, churches with attached private schools will be able to protect their congregations from those intent on doing evil. On the latter, the carrying of firearms is only allowed with church permission and only at times when students are not present including during extracurricular events.

I will be updating this post throughout the day with reactions.

UPDATE: The breakdown of the vote was finally posted yesterday. All 71 Republicans voted for the override. 46 Democrats voted no and 3 more had excused absences.

As I posted earlier, Carolina Forward wants Dems to eat their own. Interestingly, Rep. Cotham (D-Mecklenburg) says she had previously notified both the Speaker and Minority Leader she would be absent for a hospital procedure. Meanwhile, Rep. Brockman (D-Guilford) was reportedly being seen at an urgent care facility. Rep. Wray was an original sponsor of the repeal and it is thought this was his way of not voting “no”.

Rep. Willingham (D- Bertie, Edgecombe, & Martin) had previously voted for the bill and had said in reference to another bill that even with a veto he stuck by his vote. It is thought that knowing there would be two absences, he could vote no and be let off the hook by the Dems.

Bottom line, Speaker Tim Moore knew one way or another he had the votes going into yesterday morning.