This Is My Kind Of Sheriff

Greg Seabolt is the Sheriff of Randolph County, North Carolina. His recent statements regarding Second Amendment Sanctuaries make me proud to say I was born in Randolph County though I haven’t lived there for over 53 years.

From Sheriff Greg Seabolt’s Facebook Page

The Asheboro Courier-Tribune reports that Sheriff Seabolt will be bringing a Second Amendment resolution to the County Commissioners at their meeting on February 3rd.

Seabolt announced his intentions on his Facebook page saying:

My job as the Sheriff of Randolph County is to protect and serve the nearly 145,000 citizens. The laws of this great state are very important and must be enforced to insure the safety of our citizens. The rights of each individual in this country are also very important and must never be modified, misinterpreted or overlooked. These are the rights of our constitution that applies to all citizens of this great nation. We have many people attempting to intrude on those rights and that will not be tolerated. That is the reason I stand firm alongside other Sheriffs across this state to draft a proclamation which will be presented to the county commissioners. This resolution will indicate our intentions of preserving our 2nd amendment right so that all citizens can defend themselves against enemies foreign and domestic and never question their authority to bear arms.

My staff and I have been working diligently to prepare this resolution and our hope is deliver it to the commissioners next month. While the subject of the 2nd Amendment can often divide, we must stand firm and hold true that once our rights are infringed upon, we lose the ability to govern ourselves as our founding fathers imagined.

North Carolina needs more sheriffs like Sheriff Seabolt and fewer like some of the sheriffs in the larger counties.

Something To Hang Around The Necks Of North Carolina House RINOs

Amber Goodwin is the State Legislative Director for Americans for Responsible Solutions. In that role, she is Gabby and Space Cowboy’s hired gun charged with killing pro-gun rights bills in the states. She sent out this missive late last night.

We’ve emailed you quite a few times about the gun lobby’s efforts to repeal background checks in North Carolina.

I have a very important update to share with you today:

Earlier today, the State Legislature passed HB 562 and IT DID NOT contain language to repeal North Carolina’s background checks law — a great victory for our movement.

Time and time again, Americans for Responsible Solutions supporters made their voices heard through phone calls and letters to state legislators, and contributions that helped us place ads on television and the internet.

That collective effort made this victory possible — and lives will be saved because of that work.

 Now anybody who knows anything about the North Carolina General Assembly knows that the pistol purchase permit system is still around due to the efforts of the North Carolina Sheriffs’ Association and their power and money hungry members. While the gun prohibitionists may have had some impact on some Democrats, I can’t think of any Republican that was swayed by Mike, Gabby, Shannon, and a bunch of nanny-staters clad in felon orange tees.

Nonetheless, when it comes time to primary those Republican representatives who threw gun rights under the bus at the behest of the sheriffs, I think we should hang this around their scrawny RINO necks. Let them try to explain how their votes to keep the pistol purchase permit system did not please the gun prohibitionists. The answer is that no matter how they try to spin it, their vote to keep that racist system did please those who oppose gun rights.

It’s Just Another Moral Monday

If you read the New York Times or follow North Carolina politics, you may have heard of Moral Mondays. It is a protest organized by the so-called progressives in North Carolina to vent their feelings towards Gov. Pat McCrory (R-NC) and the Republican-majority North Carolina General Assembly.

This past Monday the protests moved to the progressive island of Asheville which, by the way, was number 3 on the list of Best US Cities for Hippies. Need I say too much more?

Given that perception is reality for these protesters, it is not surprising that they think that the state’s education budget was much higher the last time that the Democrats controlled the General Assembly. Actually it isn’t. But that didn’t stop the protesters from signing a petition demanding that the education budget be restored to the levels passed by the Democrats. The video below from the Buncombe County Young Republicans shows just how out of touch most of these people really are.

UPDATE: YouTube removed the Buncombe County Young Republican’s video. They are saying it violates YouTube’s terms of service. I guess showing the stupidity of low-information voters constitutes a violation. The local TV station WLOS reports some of the people signing the petition are saying that they were duped. Uh, hunh. Has duped become another word for stupid liberals?

Not to be deterred by the anger of idiots complaining to YouTube, the Young Republicans have just reposted the video using Vimeo.

Mountain Moral Monday education petition from Buncombe YRs on Vimeo.