Celebrating The Important Things

While I didn’t tune out entirely this weekend from social media and the news, I also didn’t dwell on it excessively. I had more important things to do.

Things like watch little kids scramble all over the place at Kaeideum in Winston-Salem. It is a children’s science museum with tons of hands-on activities.

Things like being there as Olivia had her third birthday party.

Things like going out to dinner with Granny Karen and Papaw Jeff as we all watched the birthday girl eat lamb gyros and french fries fed to her by the Complementary Spouse.

There will be time today and tomorrow and the weeks afterwards to figure out why a 19 year-old who had lost his parents, who had been bullied and ostracized, who had mental problems, who had been expelled from a high school went back to that school and killed as many as he did. There will also be time to investigate why the FBI dropped the ball on this guy. And the fight against those who would roll in the blood of the victims in order to curtail our civil rights will continue as always.

As for this weekend, it was for Olivia and family.

Sorry For The Light Blogging

Sorry for the light blogging this past week. We just got back this weekend from St. Louis where we were visiting family and friends.

I did get to visit with fellow gun blogger Charlie Foxtrot and his wife. He helps us on The Polite Society Podcast and he blogs at Not One More Gun Law. After a lifetime of living in Southern California, he is still somewhat amazed at the change in the role of the gun culture in local politics. He noted that politicians in California would never mention their NRA-PVF grades especially if they were better than a “F”. By contrast, in Missouri, candidates fight over who is more gun friendly and brag on it.

I also got to visit a really great reloading shop in St. Charles. Graf’s Reloading – not be confused with Graf & Sons – is a full-service shop dedicated to reloading. While they have a small gun counter, reloading is their specialty. Seeing row after row of just bullets in any weight, style, or caliber was amazing. If you are in the St. Louis area and have time, they are just off of Interstate 70 in St. Charles. I found their prices to be very competitive and cheaper than the Bass Pro Shop down the street.

My granddaughter Olivia Grace traveled with us to St. Louis and was a big hit. She is fast approaching one and a half. As the picture below shows, she might have a future in reloading as she was quite interested in the bags of bullets.

We also trolled a number of thrift shops while in the St. Louis area. I picked up that cast iron pot in the picture at thrift shop and think it will be just right to serve as a lead melting pot. For $4 it can’t be beat.

The Proud Grandfather

I have been battling a cold and have been reluctant to hold Olivia Grace for fear of passing it on to her. However, last night I covered myself in Purell and got to hold her for the first time.

She had just eaten and was taking her post-prandial nap. Her weight of 7.7 lbs doesn’t sound too heavy in the abstract but when you hold her she feels quite substantial.

Though you can’t see it because of her cap, she has a full head of curly hair. She is and will be a cutie.

My Heart Just Got Stolen

My heart just got stolen. The thief is named Olivia Grace Miller.

Her first picture.

Little Miss Olivia Grace was born this morning at 2:19am to my step-daughter Laura. Can you believe that? Born at 2:19 on 2/19. And it was Laura’s official due date to boot. Olivia Grace came into this world weighing 7.7 lbs and 20 inches long.

In her daddy’s strong arms.

Both mother and baby are doing fine which is a blessing unto itself. Laura was a real trooper. She fought through the pain and delivered Olivia Grace naturally. It wasn’t easy but she hung in there. And as she said this morning, no anesthesia bill!