TacticalPay Podcast, Episode 80

I was a guest on the Tactical Pay Podcast with Dr. Brett Grayson. We recorded the episode back in late August.

The podcast episode has now been released and it can be found here.

Brett and I discussed a number of things including the NRA and its troubles, the NRA Annual Meeting postponement, and curios and relic collecting.

Give it a listen.

I want to thank Brett for having me on as a guest.

Save The Second Pre-NRA Podcast

I was a guest this afternoon on Save the Second’s pre-NRA Meeting podcast. Also on the podcast was Ron Carter, Rob Pincus, and Frank Tait.

Among the items discussed were the upcoming NRA Meeting of Members, a pre-meeting get together on Friday, resolutions, and just how we expected things to go during the meeting.

You can listen to the whole episode below.

UPDATE: The YouTube video of the podcast came out just after I posted the embedded audio. Now you have a choice – listen or watch.