People I Missed Seeing At The NRA Annual Meeting

It is a shame we didn’t see them hanging out on the floor of the Convention Center. I would have liked to have introduced them to Breda or NancyR or Laura. I would have reserved Tam for a later date as she might have been too much for Rachel and Meghan to handle.

UPDATE: After having her head almost explode the first time she watched this, Breda has recovered enough to give play by play comments on the McCain-Maddow video.

I’ll Believe It When I See Her In Pittsburgh

Rachel Maddow had Meghan McCain as a guest on her show Monday. In her discussion with McCain about guns, gun control, and McCain’s NRA membership, Maddow revealed that her first date with her partner Susan Mikula was at an NRA Ladies Day on the Range event.

Meghan McCain then invited her to attend the NRA Annual Meeting and Maddow accepted. Then McCain went on to make stupid comments about how no one “needs” standard capacity magazines. I’ll believe Maddow was serious about her acceptance when I see her at the Annual Meeting in Pittsburgh at the end of April. Heck, I’ll believe McCain is a NRA member when I see her there as well.

The comments begin at about the 8:55 mark and it is at the 10:00 mark where McCain discusses the “need” for, in her words, “extended capacity” magazines. As to “need”, little Miss McCain ought to heed the advice of Uncle when he says “Whats need got to do with it?”