Dakota Arms Is Now Parkwest Arms

One of the questions often asked with the Remington bankruptcy and subsequent auction of its companies was what happened to Dakota Arms. This would also apply to the Remington Custom Shop run by Dakota. Now we have an answer.

The new company is called Parkwest Arms and is still located in Sturgis, South Dakota. Currently, their webpage is primarily a placeholder as is their links to Facebook and Instagram.

From what I understand, the name Dakota Arms went to a large corporation and the rest of the business was purchased by a small investor group. They will be building the same rifles in the same previous facility using the same equipment as before.

Here is a message from “Cole” at Parkwest regarding the new company on the Long Range Hunting Forum:

I would like to introduce our company to the Long Range Hunting community. We are new to this forum, but have been in the firearms business for over thirty years. Many of you may have done business with us in the past as Dakota Arms or the Remington Custom Shop. We are under new ownership, but retain the wealth of knowledge and skill that has allowed us to produce some of the highest quality rifles that money can buy. We look forward to getting to know this forum and all of its members. We are still located in Sturgis, SD and can be reached at 605-702-0060. We will be posting some semi custom rifles that we currently have in inventory, and will soon be taking orders on our custom hunting, tactical, and safari rifles.

For those of us who love firearms made of blued steel and beautiful wood, this is great news. I hope they continue to do as well or better than they did in the past.