Military Arms Channel Reviews The Remington R51 Gen 2

I had high hopes that Remington had figured out the problems with the R51 9mm pistol. Being that it was based upon a design by John Pedersen, the Cruffler in me was excited when it first came out. They have had two years since they recalled the pistol to make corrections in manufacturing and design.

If the problem encountered with hollow point bullets by the Military Arms Channel is any indication, they have some more work to do if they want it to be considered a true carry gun. That is because most people unless they live in New Jersey carry hollow point ammo in their carry gun. As you can see in the video below, the hollow point cartridge “dives” on the second or third round shot.

The other thing that would make me leery of buying a R51 is the difficulty in field stripping it and reassembling it. I just know I’ll miss one step and have to start over from the beginning.

I know people dumped on Remington for their mistakes with the first R51 especially after the glowing reviews it got based upon pre-production samples. That said, I don’t know many who didn’t want them to get it right on their second attempt.

Oh, well.

Gun Industry News – 3

In the third bit of gun industry news, Remington Arms has announced a limited lifetime warranty for all Remington firearms produced after January 1, 2016.

In celebration of its 200th year in business, Remington Arms is introducing a new limited lifetime warranty for all Remington firearms purchased on or after Jan. 1, 2016.

“We take pride in crafting dependable, quality firearms designed to last a lifetime in the field or on the range,” said Leland Nichols, Senior Vice President/General Manager of Firearms & Accessories. “We’re proud of the Americans who manufacture our products and want to showcase their skill by offering a limited lifetime warranty on all of our firearms.”

The warranty covers the original purchaser of a new firearm from defects in materials and workmanship for the duration of their ownership of the firearm. It allows for repair or replacement of any part(s) of the firearm, or replacement of the firearm if un-repairable, so long as all other requirements of the warranty are fulfilled*.

All products purchased Jan. 1, 2016, or after are covered by the limited lifetime warranty offer.

Remington Arms was born in 1816 when Eliphalet Remington II turned his first rifle barrel in his father’s New York State forge. He soon began making his own flintlock rifle, selling thousands to American gunsmiths and creating a name for himself in the firearms business.

Twelve years later he and the factory were in Ilion, a city that has become synonymous with Eliphalet’s firearms. From there Remington won military contracts, armed the Federals in the Civil War, and saw his three sons join him in what became a family business.

In its 200 years Remington has introduced truly paradigm-shifting creations, from the Model 700 to the 870. With handgun designs providing an important piece of the company’s portfolio in its early years, Remington once again offers pistols with its 1911 and .380 ACP varieties.

For more information on the warranty and to learn more about Remington’s history, visit

* Remington does not warrant against any type of defect to the firearm that Remington did not cause, including but not limited to:

  • Failure to provide proper care and maintenance
  • Accidents, abuse, or misuse
  • Barrel obstruction
  • Handloaded, reloaded, or improper ammunition
  • Unauthorized adjustments, repairs, or modifications
  • Normal wear and tear

Coming on the heels of Remington’s troubles regarding triggers in the Model 700 and the R-51 debacle, perhaps this is an effort to assure consumers that their troubles are in the past. I will be checking out their booth at the NRA Annual Meeting later this month.

Commentary on Facebook hasn’t been too generous. Grant Cunningham posted news of the new warranty with this comment, “Somehow I don’t think many R51 owners will be impressed.” The other comments were even less generous.

Speaking of the R-51, Richard Johnson of Guns, Holsters and Gear reports that he is hearing rumors that Remington will reintroduce the pistol at the NRA Annual Meeting. If so, that lifetime warranty was announced in the nick of time for potential buyers!

PS: I don’t think it is smart business for a company headquartered in Madison, North Carolina with their largest operations in Huntsville, Alabama to be bragging that they “armed the Federals in the Civil War.”  Are they trying to appease the anti-gun social justice warriors who want any vestige of the Confederacy erased by saying “we were for the other side”?

The R-51

Jeff Quinn of has an interesting mini-review of the Remington R-51 pistol. Remington brought a number of gun writers to Gunsite in Arizona for a preview of the pistol. While there have been a number of articles about this new pistol, I don’t think any of them said where it was going to be made.

Look at the close-up at the 3:13 mark. I think a lot of people have assumed that this pistol was going to be made at the Ilion, New York plant. If this model is any indication, it is being manufactured in Charlotte, North Carolina. With Freedom Group’s Para-USA located in Pineville which is a suburb of Charlotte, I’m wondering if they aren’t actually being made there.