About That Right To Choose

The commentators on TheBlaze’s Real News discussed whether liberal men are being hypocritical. While most of them support a woman’s right to choose an abortion, very few of them support a woman’s right to choose her method of self-defense. They termed this the New Leftist Patriarchy.

Will Cain started the discussion out speaking of how the gun control debate is being framed by the political elite and the media. He made a very astute point when he said that while gun prohibitionists (my words) question why you need a firearm (or a particular type of firearm), the real question in a free society is why you need to take it away. I think this a point that we in the gun rights community need to make more often.

The remainder of the clip deals with the fallout from Rep. Joe Salazar of Colorado’s absurd statements regarding the need for a gun to prevent rape.

Another Politician Named Joe

After watching the testimony of Colorado State Rep. Joe Salazar (D-Thornton) concerning concealed carry on campus and rape, I couldn’t help but think that the next thing out of his misogynist mouth would be, “and if it is gonna happen anyway, just lie there and enjoy it.”

Evidence and experience do not matter to these people. Colorado State University has had concealed carry on campus for years without problems. It is obvious that concealed carry on campus is only a problem when it impacts the flagship located in the People’s Republic of Boulder and not that “cow college” located on the Front Range.

H/T Firearms Policy Coalition

Sounds Like A Put Up Job To Me

Colorado Rep. Joe Salazar (D-Thornton) and other Democrats in the Colorado House are saying they have been getting death threats over their stance on gun control.

Color me skeptical. It has all the earmarks of a modern day Reichstag fire incident. That, for those don’t remember their history, was a put up event staged by Hitler as the pretext for getting an emergency decree which suspended civil liberties in Germany.

Given how the Democrats love to use victimhood as the pretext for pushing legislation, what could be better when discussing gun control measures than playing the victim against those evil, angry, and deranged gun owners who want to bitterly cling to their guns and “high capacity” magazines.