Hoenig Round Action Double Rifle

With all the talk in the media being on coronavirus, canceled events, and even season cancellations, I thought it would be appropriate to present something different. It’s a good way to start your weekend.

Outdoor writer and big game hunter Ron Spomer discusses one of the more unusual and interesting rifles that I’ve ever seen. It is the Hoenig round action double rifle. This example is in 9.3×62 which is quite popular in Europe.

The creator, George Hoenig, has retired from gunsmithing so if you want one of these beauties, it will come from the secondary market. According to what he said in the interview, the last ones he sold new went for $27,500.

That’s a bit rich for my blood but I can still appreciate his expertise and craftsmanship.

As an aside, I got to chat with Ron at the SHOT Show. What a nice guy!

Reminds Me Of Plinking In My Youth

I saw this YouTube video by Ron Spomer that he released just yesterday. He compares shooting water filled milk jugs with a .375 H&H and a .22-250 Ackley Improved. You have to watch the video to see which cartridge wins.

Shooting water filled milk jugs reminds me of my late teens when my friend Robert and I would go to the range and shoot them with everything from a .22 to a .30-06. The overfilled ones were the best as they reacted more violently when hit by the .30-06 bullet. Call it plinking or call it a penetration test, it just fun.