Follow-Up On My Antifa Post

This is a follow-up to my post from Friday saying I didn’t have a good feeling about the Seven Hills Antifa participation in the VCDL Lobby Day.

I think my worries were warranted. Looking at their webpage, they have posted a list of people that they consider known”fascists and sympathizers”.

Included in their list is John Crump who writes a column for Ammoland. I’ve read his articles for a few years and nowhere do I get the feeling that he is “known fascist or sympathizer.” Writing about Oath Keepers, Threepers, the Second Amendment, Ralph Northam, or anything else doesn’t make you an “other”.

You don’t publish a long list of people with pictures unless you want them targeted. While they themselves may not be the ones targeting these people, according to Seven Hills Antifa there are others of their leftist colleagues who do plan to attend.

They also had a long statement in another post about the Vice News article. They seem to be upset because their fellow traveling friends now think they have gone and joined some sort of white supremacist Neo-Nazi unit.

Many folks have read this article, or possibly just the headline, and come to the conclusion that we are choosing to march with Neo-Nazis and Klansmen on Monday. This was and never will be the case. We are forever in opposition to these groups. It is our group’s stated mission to keep these groups from having footholds in Richmond and beyond. There are many racists and fascists planning on attending “2A lobby day rally” on January 20th, at a steadily increasing rate since this bill emerged in November. We anticipated their efforts to recruit from the 2A movement, as has already been happening, and saw this as an important point to intervene since we oppose this legislation. We recognize how many in the movement, especially due to the projections of law enforcement, bear extreme prejudice towards Richmond and its residents, in the equation of “Democratic strongholds.” We understand the many racist, homophobic, transphobic, and misogynistic remarks that abound in the river of online comments on these issues.  Reading through and digesting these conversations is a reality of the work we engage in. We see it as our place to endure this, to be able to peer further into the void. In no way does this mean we seek to make alliances with those who wish violence and terror upon those most vulnerable.

The response to the Vice News article by Seven Hills Antifa is quite long.

It concludes:

We will work to get active threats out to the community as we get and verify them. We will never know all the threats but we will do our best to keep a watchful eye. We are not a vanguard force, and rely on the contributions of our community and comrades to be effective. We will use everything at our disposal to defend our neighborhoods in the event that fascists decide to move offensively. Our hope is that instead this moment will transpire in whatever peace is left. 

We are deeply sorry to our allies that this article scared or angered. Especially if it seems as though we were going to march alongside Neo–nazis or fascists. We would never do that and our intention is to only ever expose and expel them to the best of our ability. We hope that our prior words and actions speak to this, and that good faith can be assumed in us, especially in moments where we cannot afford transparency.We are always available to talk, and we encourage you to reach out. Only some of you may know our faces, but all of you have our ears. 

Love and Rage

I know it is easy for me to say be alert, be aware, and be safe given I’ll be at the SHOT Show and not in Richmond. Nonetheless, it is good advice. If you decide to be inside the fenced enclosure on the Capitol Grounds, make sure you have 2-3 good friends who are armed outside of it as your escorts. If you own a GoPro, take it with you and have it running on your hat or body. Think of it as your personal body cam or dash cam.

Thanks to Rick R. for the links to Seven Hills Antifa’s webpage.

A Safety Reminder From NSSF

There are many ways to store a firearm when not in use. The National Shooting Sports Foundation video below goes over a few of those. I am in the market for one of those quick-access lockboxes myself.

One thing I might note. If we don’t take storing our firearms safely seriously, someone aka big government will do it for us and I doubt they’d get it right.

Gun Geekiness

At the recent NRA Annual Meeting, I got a chance to visit the Blaser USA booth. In addition to Blaser and Mauser rifles, they had the Sauer 100 which was their entry-level rifle.

What really caught my eye about the Sauer 100 was the safety. As you can see in the picture below, it is a 3-position safety. All the way back locks both the trigger and the bolt, the middle notch locks the trigger, and all the way forward means the rifle is ready to fire.

This replicates the Mauser 96/98 “flag” safety in a more compact and convenient format. You can see the three positions of the Mauser 98 safety in the picture below.

I know this sounds like gun geekiness but it just appealed to me.

Stupid Company Policies

Knives!? We Don’t Need No Stinking Knives!

If ever there was a company policy that should have been ignored for safety reasons, it was the no knife policy of Transocean, operator of the Deepwater Horizon rig. Survivors of the rig explosion who were in a life raft almost burned to death because they didn’t have a knife to cut the rope holding the raft to the burning rig.

Given the wide variety of sailor’s knives, I am astounded that any maritime company had a no knife policy. Knives are essential tools for working with lines and rigging as well as a safety tool.

Stupid, stupid, stupid.