You Can Learn Something From Cowboy Action Shooting

I’ve never participated in cowboy action shooting but that doesn’t mean I can’t learn something from it. In one of the most recent shooting tips videos put out by the National Shooting Sports Foundation, Jim “Long Hunter” Finch shows some single and double loading techniques for a pump shotgun. While Jim is using a Winchester Model 97, his techniques would work just as well with a Mossberg 500 or a Remington 870.

Even if your pump shotgun has an extra long extension tube and you have 7 or 9 shells in the tube, these techniques could be invaluable if you need to switch from buckshot to slugs or vice-versa. I’m no expert but it just makes sense to me to practice some of these techniques regardless of whether you are using the shotgun for hunting or self-defense.

UPDATE: It occurred to me early this morning that if you are trying to load the shotgun while you have a full tube, there are other techniques you have to add in to prevent the round(s) in the tube from loading.

Rifle Shooting Techniques From Ryan Cleckner

The National Shooting Sports Foundation released this video with Ryan Cleckner today. In it, he goes over some of the basics for good rifle shooting such as sight alignment and trigger control.

Cleckner is the Director of Government Relations for the Freedom Group. He held a similar position with NSSF. He served as a sniper and sniper instructor with the 75th Ranger Regiment at an earlier time. I would say he knows a thing or two about shooting a rifle accurately.

A Wing Shooting Tip That Makes Sense

The National Shooting Sports Foundation has started to put out a lot of videos with instructional tips. This one with Gil Ash makes a lot of sense about how to “slow down” the speed of the bird or clay pigeon. He uses the analogy of merging on to the highway. If you are standing still and looking at the cars whizzing by, they look like they are moving fast. However, if you are moving at a speed close to the other cars, everything seems to be moving slower.

Eight Awesomely Bad Shooting Tips

From the American Rifleman we get these bad shooting tips according to the experts surveyed.

  • Patrick Flanigan – Just go shoot.
  • Mark Keefe – Start with a .410
  • Phil Bourjaily – Try to miss
  • Ron Spomer – The gravity effect
  • Todd Jarrett – Dominant or non-dominant
  • Scott Olmstead – Jerk the trigger
  • Doug Koenig – Non-dominant eye closed
  • John Zent – Lightweight rifles easier to shoot

Some of the “tips” these guys have heard will just have you shaking your head in wonder.