Is CAGV Afraid Of A Little Political Theater?

Connecticut Against Gun Violence (sic) or CAGV was planning to have their 3rd Annual Conference on Saturday, October 3rd, at Yale University in New Haven. They were having a number of the bigwigs of the gun prohibitionist lobby attending. They were going to have Ladd Everitt of CSGV, Josh Sugarmann of VPC, and Colin Goddard of Everytown (formerly of Brady) among others.

Then they posted this announcement on Wednesday:

We regret that the CAGV Conference that was scheduled for October 3rd at Yale University has been cancelled. Unfortunately there are circumstances beyond our control that made this difficult decision necessary.

Rumor has it that a group of Californians was planning to attend that meeting.

Often when Californians talk to “gun folks” in other states, they express exasperation at our continued assaults on the fortress of prohibitionism, here. They encourage us to simply relocate to a Free State where we don’t have to worry constantly about complying with the California laws so Byzantine that not even the Bureau of Firearms successfully navigates them.

But we don’t want to leave, and even if we did, we’re seeing that California’s and Connecticut’s cancer is spreading toward the Heartland.

Draw the line now.

We’re organizing a protest at this meeting. We’re not going to stand out there with signs and matching t-shirts to scream at traffic. We’re going to disrupt it. Nothing violent, but political theater goes a long way.

Plans are coming together. Clear your schedule, we’re all going to Connecticut!

I wonder if the protest the Californians had planned was anything like this one planned for San Francisco a few years back.

Would those California gun owners have gone full Alinsky on CAGV?  I guess we’ll never know since CAGV cancelled their event. What a pity!