Parts Available At Lowe’s

I stumbled across this silent documentary about British production of the Sten during WWII. It called to mind a comment that Tam had made last year during all the angst in California about “ghost guns” and 80% lowers. She noted, “Heck, Lowe’s sells 90% Sten receivers on aisle 5.”

After watching this documentary, I believe Tam is correct. The Sten is a crude firearm but seeing whole wheelbarrows full of them leaving the factory leaves me almost giddy. A guy can dream.

Just Because..

I’m posting this just because it entertained me. I love Greg Hickok aka Hickok45’s YouTube videos and this one is no exception. Who among us wouldn’t want to shoot a Sten submachine gun? I know ammo is in short supply but I’d scrounge the “ammo bunker” to find enough 9mm to go shooting for an afternoon with the Sten.

While you can’t legally make and register a new Sten under the NFA with the ATF thanks to the Hughes Amendment, full blueprints are available. If we ever enter a TEOTWAWKI (or the new acronym, WROL) period, I have no doubt that a competent machinist with a decent workshop including a milling machine could make one.

Below is an animation of the Sten firing. You can see that it is an open bolt, blowback operated, firing mechanism.