Steyr L-Series Pistol

I have always been intrigued by the Steyr pistols due to their low bore axis as well as their fairly smooth – for a striker-fired pistol – triggers. They have now launched the new L Series which is a full size service pistol available in 9mm and .40 S&W.

In the video below from Tactical Life, you can see some of the details of this new pistol. The only thing that I object to is the keyed lock on the slide. Checking the M and S Series, I see they both have it. It seems to me to be superfluous and just one more thing to break.

STEYR PISTOL L-A1 Technical Data

Technical Data STEYR PISTOL L-A1
Length x Height x Width
188 mm x 136 mm x 30 mm
Weight (without ammunition)
appr. 810g
Barrel length
102 mm (4″)
9×19, .40 S&W (9×21 on request)
Magazine Capacity
9×19 and 9×21: 15 cartridges
.40 S&W: 12 cartridges
Synethetic balck
Trigger way
4,0 mm (app. 0,2″) (constantly)
triangular / trapezoid shape
rectangular sights with or without  Trilux, match sights