Polite Society Podcast Back On iTunes

The Polite Society Podcast has not been available for download since approximately April. Paul Lathrop, the executive producer, had a stroke around that time and the worry was more for his health than getting it online. It was still broadcast over YouTube, on Facebook, and on OpsLens as it was recorded.

Episode 512 Yehuda Remer - Polite Society Podcast - Podcast en iVoox

Well, good news! Not only has Paul recovered significantly from his stroke but the podcast will again be available for download.

Starting last night shortly after we recorded Episode 607, the RSS feed was uploaded to iTunes. You will still have to re-subscribe but it is now available. Look in the iTunes library for “Second Amendment Foundation’s Polite Society Podcast” to download it.

By the end of the week the RSS feed will be available on Stitcher and Google podcasts under the name above.