Summer’s Over; School Begins Again

Tonight my summer comes to a close.

Classes begin for the fall semester today and I begin another school year teaching financial planning and retirement planning. My syllabus is done and printed. I have my first lecture done and have their homework assignment prepared. I don’t have new school clothes but I’m a bit old for that anyway!

After teaching the same class for six years, things begin to get a little stale and you find yourself going through the motions at times. That is why I’m glad that they’ve revamped my intro course to open it up to non-Finance majors. The class title has gone from “Introduction to Financial Planning, Risk Managment, and Insurance” to “Managing (Your) Money for Financial Success.”

Instead of just prepping Finance majors to be advisors and planners, I’ll be trying to give undergraduates some life skills. It is not that the former isn’t important – it is – but getting college students started on the right track financially is more important. I’ll be lecturing on things like credit card debt and FICO scores as well as investments and insurance.

The only downside is that I’ll be stuck in a officially-mandated by state law gun-free zone. Before it is suggested that I ignore this, under NC General Statutes § 14‑269.2. it is a felony for me to knowingly possess a firearm on campus. The only defense I have is to be in a state of heightened awareness – and to know where to find a fire extinguisher.

End Of Semester – Light Blogging

I will have light to non-existent blogging today and tomorrow due to grading to student projects and final exams. As soon as I get those grades in, life resumes.

Oh, what I’ll do for gun buying money!

UPDATE: Grades submitted! I know students of all ages are happy when the semester and/or school year ends but perhaps not so happy as their teachers.