Chuck Norris To Be Honorary Chair Of Trigger The Vote

I meant to put up this release from the NRA up a couple of days ago. Chuck Norris will serve as the honorary chairman of the Trigger the Vote campaign. The campaign is meant to encourage gun rights supporters to register to vote and then to vote.

Fairfax, Va. – The National Rifle Association’s Freedom Action Foundation (NRA-FAF) announced the kickoff of its 2014 “Trigger the Vote” voter registration campaign, and also unveiled its captivating new ad, “Father and Son,” which can be viewed here.

The campaign once again enjoys the support of Honorary Chairman Chuck Norris, and will soon be releasing exclusive new videos featuring Norris that can’t be seen anywhere else.

One of the missions of NRA-FAF is to protect the Second Amendment through a vigorous non-partisan voter registration program. The initial “Trigger the Vote” campaign was introduced in 2009, and it has expanded in scope and reach in every election cycle since. The program uses a variety of means of communications to connect gun owners and Second Amendment supporters with tools to facilitate the voter registration process, and ensure that they are prepared to cast an informed ballot on Election Day. Trigger the Vote field teams have been visiting events across the nation since May of this year to register new voters in person.

This year, Trigger the Vote is also releasing its redesigned website, . The site has new, robust user-friendly tools to help gun owners and Second Amendment supporters easily register to vote, check to make sure their existing registration is current, as well as locate their polling place.

“The Freedom Action Foundation is one of the most critical parts of the NRA,” explained NRA-FAF President Chris W. Cox. “Through its valuable work, the NRA is able to reach millions of freedom-loving Americans and ensure that they are prepared to exercise their right to vote.”

To learn more about Trigger the Vote and how you can be a part of it, please visit .

“Remember, This Isn’t A Toy”

The NRA has a great new video out promoting their Trigger The Vote campaign. As you can see below, it involves a father sitting down with his son and explaining that what is contained in the locked pistol case isn’t a toy.

The father is absolutely right. Our right to vote isn’t a toy but too many voters treat it as such. Otherwise, why would we have politicians like Barack Obama, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi still in office.

I registered to vote on my 18th birthday and I have voted in every primary and election since. When I registered to vote, I had to go down to the Board of Elections office in the Guilford County Courthouse. I didn’t have someone from ACORN register me at a shopping mall or get registered when I renewed my driver’s license. Frankly, I think we make it too damn easy to register to vote and we are paying the consequences with the number of low-information voters polluting the system.

That said, if anti-gun Democratic politicians want to make it easy to register to vote, I say we should use it to our advantage. If you have a friend, family member, or 18 year old (and up) child, you need to make sure that they are registered to vote if you want to keep your gun rights. Our enemies are not sitting still and we can’t afford to either.

If you believe in the right to self-defense, gun rights, and/or a gun owner and you aren’t registered to vote, what the hell is your problem? You are putting the burden for preserving your rights on those of us who are registered and who vote. While there are a lot of us, it often just isn’t enough. So get your act together and go register to vote. And when the time comes, vote.

The Gunny On Voting

The Educational Fund to Stop Gun Violence (sic) has been running a campaign of sorts where they try to dish dirt on NRA Board Members. The Gunny, R. Lee Ermey, is one of the Board that they’ve profiled. Of course what they call “dirt” is, for the most part, what the rest of the world calls normal.

Now here is something that should really get them peeved. The Gunny is pushing voter registration. I am sure that they will find someway to say that the Gunny is demeaning librarians and is only encouraging gun rights extremism at the polls.

As someone who has been registered to vote since the day I turned 18 – and yes, I did it on my birthday – I think what the Gunny is doing is fantastic. There is no excuse for anyone who is pro-gun rights not to be registered to vote. That county commissioner or city councilman can do as much or more to restrict your gun rights as anyone running for President. Think about that.

Trigger the Vote

I think the NRA has a winner with this ad. It mixes humor with a serious message – we need to vote. And to vote you need to be registered to vote. If aren’t registered to vote and you are over 18 and a citizen, then what the hell is wrong with you?

Frankly, I hate some of the Federal laws that have made it so easy to be registered and so hard to check if someone is registered illegally. I registered to vote on my 18th birthday. I went down to the Guilford County Courthouse and did it. It meant something to me doing it that way and I haven’t missed an election or primary in 35 years. That said, it is so easy to register to vote that there are no good excuses for not being registered.