Jumping The Gun On CCW In Illinois – A Warning

Despite the speculation by TTAG that Illinois is now a constitutional carry state with the Illinois Supreme Court’s decision in Aguilar v People, Thirdpower at Days of our Trailers has a warning about not to tempting fate.

Even though TTAG is claiming that IL is a ‘Constitutional Carry’ State, you can still get your @ss arrested.

If we find somebody carrying a weapon, we’ll likely write a report and hand it over to the state’s attorney and let him use the facts of the case to decide whether he wants to prosecute. If we feel it’s necessary, there’s a very good chance we’ll seize the weapon.”

Given that Thirdpower is a lifelong Illinoisian and is active in Illinois gun politics, I’m going with him on this one. You might beat the charge of unlawful use of a firearm but you’ll probably never see your gun again.

Enough Was Enough

Linoge at Walls of the City has done yeoman’s work in compiling the record of plagiarism, theft, copyright violations, and outright lies perpetrated in the name of gun blogging by Robert Farago and his minions at Tthe Truth About Guns. This post was a long time in the making and probably overdue. As Linoge notes, he was assisted in his efforts by a number of other pro-rights bloggers and I’m happy to say I was one of them.

What brought this to a head and resulted in the Linoge’s “uber-post” were two events that happened at the Gun Rights Policy Conference. The first was the awarding of a SAF Defender of Liberty award (one of many) to Farago. When the Second Amendment Foundation made the award they were unaware of Farago’s duplicitous past of plagiarism, copyright violations, and lies. An uber-post like that of Linoge – and the linking of it by other reputable gun bloggers – will help prevent this sort of error in the future.

The second, and much more serious, event was the treatment of Washington Times senior editor Emily Miller by Farago. Not only did he ambush her in the hallway in a creepy manner but his subsequent posts were beyond the pale. From Emily’s comments on the encounter which she posted at Shall Not Be Questioned:

Thank you so much for this post. I felt ambushed by that guy. He was
very creepy and jumpy, which made me nervous. I should have trusted my
instincts, but instead stayed and answered all his questions politely. I
don’t know why he feels the need to repeatedly attack me for being a
girl and for not having extensive training in the six months I’ve owned a
gun. That’s all true, but I’ve also gotten the gun laws changed in D.C.
to make it easier to get a legal gun, so the haters don’t affect my

If you do read Linoge’s post – and you should – you will see a report of an incident at the 2011 NRA Annual Meeting involving similar rude and condescending behavior by Farago towards attorney Alan Gura. I was there, I witnessed it, and I was furious. 

Alan Gura and Emily Miller have in their different ways done more for gun rights in the last five years than virtually anyone out there. We don’t need the National Enquirer of the gun blogosphere treating them like dirt. It is as simple as that. We can quibble about whether it matters if Farago is a plagiarist or not but rude, boorish, and condescending behavior towards good people doing great work should always be called out.

Quote Of The Day

One of my favorite gun blogs is the Vuurwapen Blog run by Andrew Tuohy. He has some of the best info out there and his reviews only come after he has put the item through the ringer. Moreover, he uses high speed video as well as great photography to illustrate things like recoil reduction and the effectiveness of certain flash-hiders.

Readers of his blog know that he served in Fallujah, Iraq as a Navy Hospital Corpsman attached to the 5th Marines. During his time in Iraq, he went on many mounted and dismounted patrols. Given that, I think he knows a thing or two about close quarters combat.

Thus, when Andrew wrote this on his Facebook page about an article in TTAG entitled “Self Defense Tip: Don’t Use a Rifle”, I paid attention:

The author bases his argument on an improper understanding of external & terminal ballistics, shotgun pattern sizes at indoor distances, the maneuverability of long guns inside American homes, and the ease of shooting long guns vs. handguns when under stress. Frankly, he has absolutely no understanding of any of these things.

Thank God for our veterans and their experience so as to save us from “advice” given by mall ninjas.