Ghost Subs?

We’ve all read about ghost guns. But what about ghost subs? It turns out the newer classes of Russian submarines such as the diesel-electric Krasnodar are extremely quiet and are like noiseless spots in the ocean. The Wall Street Journal examines them as well as a deep-diving compatriot (Yasen class) in the video below. I wonder how much of the stealthiness of the Krasnodar was stolen technology courtesy of spys and/or traitors like the Walkers.

The Australian goes into much more detail in this story about the US Navy’s search for the Krasnodar in the Mediterranean Sea.

Happy 238th Birthday, US Navy

Happy birthday to the US Navy which was formed on this day in 1775 when the Continental Congress voted to outfit two sailing vessels. Little did those men know that from the small start the greatest navy in the world would grow.

Also, a big thanks all those who served in the Navy including Old NFO, Bubblehead Les, and Linoge. While I come from an Army family, I did have two uncles and a first cousin who served in the Navy.

Anchors aweigh!