Chance Meetings

You just never know where or when you’ll run into someone interesting.

Case in point: yesterday the Complementary Spouse and I dropped in on a rummage sale organized by a neighbor’s church. While there, I noticed a guy who had a t-shirt from the 2010 USPSA Region 6 Championship. I asked him if he shot USPSA competitions and our conversation took off from there. It turns out that not only did he shoot USPSA and that he had been a Range Officer for that championship but he and his wife own a gun club and offer classes.

His wife offers the NRA’s Women on Target classes locally. As a result of meeting them, the Complementary Spouse will be taking her class in August and possibly bringing some friends from work.

If he hadn’t been wearing that t-shirt and if I hadn’t asked him about it, I wouldn’t have met some interesting people and the Complementary Spouse wouldn’t be signed up to get some great training.