2018 SHOT Show: Industry Day at the Range

I have finally finished my video compilation of my time at Industry Day at the Range. Bear in mind that this is my first attempt at video so be kind with the comments. The video itself runs for a bit over 12 minutes and features video taken by the Complementary Spouse and myself.

We did run into some technical difficulties. For example, shooting video sucks the life out of your iPhone or, at least, it did it to my iPhone 6. As a result, the video I shot of the Archon Type B and an explanation of its features was lost. I think a trip to the Apple Store is in my future to take advantage of their battery upgrade.

In addition to what I shot in this video, see this earlier post of mine that talked about some of the other firearms that I shot.

Stance On Gun Rights Is All I Care About

The Guardian did a video called “Progressives with guns: yoga, ammo, and LGBT rights” that appeared on their website yesterday. I found it pretty good and rather even-handed. It featured a transgendered ex-SEAL running for Congress, a lawyer who was a Hare Krishna member, and Top Shot winner Chris Cheng who came out as gay a while back.

Frankly, I don’t care if you are transgender. I don’t care if you are gay. I don’t care if you are a Hare Krishna member (but don’t ask me for money at the airport). If you support gun rights, then you are my friend.

Ford Fiesta – Beach Assault Vehicle?

Jeremy Clarkson, auto journalist and TV personality, reviews the British version of the Ford Fiesta for the BBC TV program Top Gear. And it seems he likes it.

The best comment? “The smoke grenades fit perfectly in the cup holders.”

The video is a bit long so skip to the fun parts – a car chase in a mall and the Royal Marines assaulting a beach along with the Fiesta.