What Is It With Violent Rhetoric And Anti-Gun Politicians

Vice President Joe Biden likes to take credit for writing what became the 1994 assault weapons ban (sic) or, more properly, The Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994.

From an 2011 interview with PBS’s Jim Lehrer:

JIM LEHRER: New subject, Mr. Vice President.

In light of the Tucson tragedy, are you in favor of federal legislation that would ban the sale of these multiround cartridges, holders?

JOE BIDEN: Jim, you may remember, in the old days, when I had some real power…

JIM LEHRER: Oh, yes.

JOE BIDEN: I was chairman of the Judiciary Committee.


JOE BIDEN: I’m the guy that first passed and wrote the assault-weapons ban and — and also tried to pass legislation relative to the size of magazines, that is the — those clips that hold all the bullets that get shoved up into the rifle.

JIM LEHRER: The 31 — those 31 rounds.

JOE BIDEN: Yes. And there’s all kinds of them of various…

JIM LEHRER: Sure. Sure.

JOE BIDEN: So — so, I, as a senator, and I, as an elected official, have been on record as supporting — and we did originally have an assault-weapons ban in place.

Say what you will about Biden, he hasn’t shied away from his support of gun control. So it makes one wonder what it is about anti-gun politicians and their fascination with violent rhetoric. Look at what he had to say this afternoon at a campaign stop in Naples, Florida.

Vice President Biden lit into Paul Ryan with a violent analogy during his campaign stop Thursday in Las Vegas.

“Ryan has written a book called ‘The Young Guns’ with two other
members of the House … Republican leaders in the House,” the vice
president said. “You had, unfortunately, the bullets are aimed at you.”

The Republicans have bullets aimed at you? What is with this nonsense? Doe Biden make this stuff up off the cuff or does he actually have someone writing it for him? Is he trying to emulate President Cooler Than Thou who promised to bring a gun to a knife fight?

As to bullets “aimed at you”, while there has been some research on bullets that can alter their direction in flight, bullets don’t aim themselves. You aim the gun and the bullet goes where it is directed. Even a buffoon like Biden ought to realize that.

HuffPo Isn’t Totally Worthless

While I may think that Arianna Huffington is a parasite whose political leanings change with the wind and that her Huffington Post is usually full of tripe, it does have its uses. For example, in a story about a local Tea Party group, I found out that they are having a machine gun social.

I have shot at Bear Arms a number of times and it is a really nice range. Moreover, the prices for shooting the MP5 are cheaper than a lot of places that I’ve been. Sadly, I won’t be able to attend it as I’ll be at the Gun Rights Policy Conference in Orlando on that day.

It is instructive to read the comments. For people who profess peace and love and gun control, they are amazingly violent in their thoughts and rhetoric.

From Sushigirl:

Oh how quaint. I have an idea, blindfold all of them and let them shoot away.
Actually I don’t mean that, I don’t want anyone to be hurt. But how stupid can these people be. Disgusting.

From FredSanders who has 1910 fans which must mean he comments a lot:

I hope they all blow themselves away defending each other from each other.

 From Cacey with the tagline “ignore rudeness, honor discussion”:

How boring is Asheville if this is the best fund raiser they came up with. A boring event for obviously boorish people.

You get the idea. I’m glad Cacey thinks Asheville is boring because it will mean one less tourist clogging the streets with their Obama bumpersticker-covered Priuses.