The Day Of The .22 Pistols

Glock started the day with the rollout of their G44 .22 LR pistol. Later this afternoon, Ruger announced a new model of their Mark IV 22/45 Lite.

Unlike Glock’s G44, the new model is more of a change in appearance than anything else. The color change is a diamond gray upper with a gold anodized trigger and barrel. Also unlike the G44, it comes with a threaded barrel to use with a suppressor.

According to Davidson’s Gallery of Guns, the MSRP for the G44 is $430. Meanwhile, according to Ruger, the MSRP for the Mark IV 22/45 will be $559 with a street price in the $450 range. I imagine the G44 will be selling for close to MSRP initially but I could be wrong on that.

The release of the G44 today has resulted in a number of memes. Perhaps the one most relevant to this post is below.

Glock 44 (Update)

If you divide the model number of the newest Glock pistol in half, you get 22 which just so happens to be its caliber. Yes, the Glock 44 is in .22 LR.

Glock held a livestreaming announcement this morning of their newest addition to their line of pistols. The event started with some comments by Shane Coley, Team Glock captain. It was then followed by Glock President Gunter Gigacher reading a letter from Gaston Glock regarding the company, etc.

Screen cap of letter

I think many of the participants in the livestream anticipated that Glock was going to release a pistol caliber carbine. When you read Gaston Glock’s letter, he says “GLOCK is not just a pistol company”.

The Glock 44 is the size of a Glock 19 and has a hybrid steel-polymer slide to reduce weight. You can read all the dimensions of the new pistol on Glock’s website here. I think some may be disappointed that the Glock 44 only comes with a 10 round magazine.

Towards the end of the presentation, they brought out a panel which included firearms trainer Tatiana Whitlock. In her opinion, she thought the Glock 44 would be excellent for training new shooters. Moreover, given the size will be the same as the Glock 19, the transition to an actual carry pistol would be easier and holsters would be interchangeable.

Another member of the panel was a representative from Federal ammo. He said they tested the Glock 44 with everything from standard velocity .22 LR ammo up to CCI Stingers and Mini-Mags. It handled everything without fail.

I’m sure they will sell tons of these pistols just because the name on the slide is Glock. It seems obvious that this pistol is aimed at new shooters, the training market, and those with hand issues such as arthritis. As to being revolutionary, not so much.

UPDATE: According to a press release sent out by Glock, Inc., the new Glock 44 pistol will officially go on sale January 20, 2020.

They also said this on the features:

The G44 features many of the latest enhancements seen in the 5th Generation of GLOCK pistols such as the ambidextrous slide stop lever and reversible magazine catch, the GLOCK Marksman barrel (GMB) for increased accuracy and performance, adjustable back straps, and adjustable rear sights.  The G44 also features a ghost hole loaded chamber indicator and comes standard with two 10-round load assist magazines. 

Ens. Joshua Kaleb Watson, USN, RIP

Ensign Joshua Kaleb Watson was a 2019 US Naval Academy graduate. He reported to Pensacola NAS on November 15th. He was serving as the Officer of the Deck when the Saudi jihadist opened fire on Friday. Watson, though shot five times, dragged himself out of the building, flagged down first responders, and informed them who and where the jihadist was located. By his actions, he saved multiple lives.

Watson served as captain of the USNA Rifle Team. While captain, the Navy team beat Army’s rifle team for the first time in a decade. He had a 4-year average of 580.6 (out of 600 possible) while competing in both smallbore and air rifle. He also competed in the NCAA Rifle Championships.

His father Benjamin said this about his son and his actions.

“His mission was to confront evil,” he said. “To bring the fight to them, wherever it took him. He was willing to risk his life for his country. We never thought he would die in Florida.”

Sorry Brady But Fred Is Not A Survivor

Brady United (aka the renamed Brady Campaign) sends out a weekly digest promoting gun control. This week’s digest included this on the National Vigil for All Victims of Gun Violence (sic).

“I’m in a room full of heroes. And we’re going to get gun safety legislation passed.”

Those are survivor Fred Guttenberg’s moving words as he addressed the room at the National Vigil for All Victims of Gun Violence at St. Mark’s Church in Washington, D.C. Held each year by the Newtown Foundation and Newtown Action Alliance, the interfaith vigil brings together survivors and families from across the country to name and remember their loved ones and #HonorWithAction. The event uplifted survivor voices in a way not often experienced in Washington. Kristen Song, whose son, Ethan, was killed by family fire, shared how she channels her grief into action. Rep. Lucy McBath spoke of her son, Jordan, and how she will never stop fighting to end gun violence.

I don’t want to sound callous but Fred Guttenberg, Kristen Song, and Lucy McBath are not survivors. None were wounded and none were even there when their kids died.

Fred Guttenberg’s daughter Jaime was killed at Margery Stoneman Douglas HS while the school resource officer cowered outside. School policy and lenient discipline allowed the killer to have a clean record and pass a NICS check.

Kristen Song’s son Ethan died because he was playing with a loaded gun at a friend’s house. He died from negligent handling of the firearm and negligent storage. He didn’t die from “family fire”.

Lucy McBath’s son Jordan Davis was in the wrong place at the wrong time. A Florida jury convicted his killer on three counts of attempted murder and one counted of first degree murder. The killer is serving a term of life without parole plus 90 years.

Losing a child is heart wrenching regardless of how it happens. However, to say these parents are survivors of “gun violence” (sic) is akin to saying I’m a cancer survivor because my first wife Rosanne died from breast cancer. I shouldn’t be considered a survivor and neither should they.

A Day That Will Live In Infamy Plus 78 Years

As I have noted many times in the past, the attack by the Imperial Japanese Navy was a watershed event for my parent’s generation. My dad had already been in the US Army for a year. My mom was working for the British Lend-Lease office in New York City. It was their “where were you when Kennedy was shot” or “Challenger explosion” event.

Both of my parents would be 100 if they were alive today. They were both 22 on December 7, 1941. They would be a bit older than many of the enlisted sailors but about the age of the young ensigns or Lt. JGs in Hawaii that day.

I don’t mean to go all maudlin on you but I think it is important to remember those who fought and died on that sunny December morning. The teaching of history has become perverted in recent times. I’ve always thought revisionist historians were suspect.

As to those who say the US provoked the Japanese into crossing the Pacific and attacking Pearl Harbor, they can shove it where the sun doesn’t shine. It was a strategic, though erroneous, decision made to keep the US Navy at bay while Japan went about creating the Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere.

Duped Or Didn’t Care?

After I posted about the indictment of Rep. Movita Johnson-Harrell for theft from her own charity, I began to wonder about her campaign finances. One of the charges against her included failing to file a campaign finance report. What I found was interesting.

Johnson-Harrell was quoted in a fawning story by the Philadelphia Inquirer on her motivation to run for office as saying this:

“I ran because we need the bodies to stop dropping in every city across the nation,” said Johnson-Harrell, 53. “It’s our responsibility as legislators and leaders to do this.”

She made “gun violence” (sic) and gun control a centerpiece of her campaign in the special election. She was already known for having started the Charles Foundation to advocate for more gun control in memory of her murdered son. She was also the Vice Chair of Heeding God’s Call to Eliminate Gun Violence (sic). Thus, it was reasonable to assume she would get support from the gun prohibitionists.

And she did with a stirring endorsement from Everytown.

“After more than a dozen Moms Demand Action volunteers won elected office in 2018, I’m so excited to see yet another strong candidate emerge from our grassroots army of volunteers,” said Shannon Watts, founder of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America. “Movita Johnson-Harrell has been invaluable to our Pennsylvania chapter and I have no doubt that she’ll be an incredible leader at the statehouse, too.”

Endorsements are nice but modern campaigns run on money.

  • $500 – Ceasefire PA PAC
  • $250 – Shira Goodman, Executive Director, Ceasefire PA
  • $100 – Shawn Kraemer, President, Ceasefire PA
  • $100 – Bryan Miller, founder, Heeding God’s Call

Johnson-Harrell also received a $1,000 donation from Dana Bazelon of the Soros-bought Philadelphia DA’s Office and a $5,000 donation from the Committee for a Better Tomorrow which is the PAC for the Pennsylvania trial lawyers. She also received substantial donations from a variety of union-affiliated political action committees.

Johnson-Harrell’s financial issues were not a secret. Before she got the nomination by the Philadelphia Democratic Committee, she was grilled on her finances by ward leaders. Moreover, she only got the nomination because the more established candidates had issues with residency.

Going back to the headline, were those anti-gun stalwarts who donated to Johnson-Harrell duped by her? Or, could it have been that despite her known troubled finances, her fur coats, and her Porsche, they just didn’t care because they knew they would have a gun control advocate in Harrisburg? Would it have been, “Yeah, she’s a thief but she’s our thief” and the optics of having an African-American, Muslim woman who had family members murdered outweighed every thing else?

I doubt we will ever know and I know we would not get an honest answer if we asked.

Another Corrupt Anti-Gun Politician Indicted

Pennsylvania State Rep. Movita Johnson-Harrell (D-Philadelphia) was indicted yesterday on charges stemming from her theft of over $500,000 from a charity she founded.

The Philadelphia Inquirer details Johnson-Harrell’s anti-gun activism in this story.

Alyssa Biederman, Philadelphia Inquirer

The AP notes:

Johnson-Harrell, the first female Muslim member of the House, came to office with the intensely personal story of having endured the shooting deaths of her father, brother, cousin and 18-year-old son. She campaigned on a platform of ending gun violence, and is active in an anti-gun violence foundation named for her son Charles, who was shot to death in 2011.

The criminal complaint against Rep. Johnson-Harrell lists a variety of charges against her. They include two counts of theft by unlawful taking, theft by deception, perjury, two counts of tampering with public records, and reporting by candidates and political committees. 

In announcing the charges, Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro (D-PA) said:

Shapiro said the defendant personally spent more than $500,000 from Motivations Education & Consultation Associates, or MECA, on vacations, designer clothing, luxury car payments, real estate purchases, past-due mortgage payments, and other personal expenses.

“When corruption erodes the trust that is built between governmental entities and citizens, no one wins,” Shapiro said. “I’ve said time and time again as Attorney General that no one is above the law, no matter their position of power. And today is no different.”

“Representative Johnson-Harrell continuously diverted Medicaid and social security disability funds from her charity to help Philadelphia’s most vulnerable communities for her own personal use. She spent almost $15,000 on clothing, including online shopping sprees at Ralph Lauren and fox fur coats. She traveled to Mexico, Orlando, Georgia and Maryland on lavish trips costing $16,000 of MECA funds,” Attorney General Shapiro said. “She spent $2,000 on overdue car payments on her Porsche. Another $4,000 on tuition for a relative. And, she spent almost $20,000 on overdue mortgage payments.”

Johnson-Harrell earned a salary of $89,000 while serving in the Pennsylvania General Assembly and had left a job with the Philadelphia DA’s Office as a victim’s advocate which paid $104,000 yearly. It is reported that her thefts from MECA continued while she was working for the DA’s Office as well as in her elected position.

According to her official legislative biography, Johnson-Harrell was a community college graduate who went on to earn both undergraduate and graduate degrees from Ivy League University of Pennsylvania. Reading between the lines, with an age of 53 and her high school diploma date of 1997, she was an adult student when she completed her education. For someone her age, her high school graduation normally would have been in the 1984-85 time period.

Johnson-Harrell was elected in a special election in March to replace Rep. Vanessa Lowery Brown (D-Philadelphia). Rep. Brown resigned from office in December 2018 after being sentenced for bribery and other charges. The Attorney General’s Office says Johnson-Harrell will be pleading guilty and will resign from office effective December 13th.

The Difference Between Them And US

I received an email solicitation from North Carolinians Against Gun Violence (sic) yesterday. They were hoping I’d donate to them on Giving Tuesday. Of course, that was never going to happen. I’m on their email list only to see what the enemies of freedom are planning.

What really caught my eye was how they intended to use the money.

  • Contract with a lobbying firm that advocates for gun violence prevention every day at the NC General Assembly. They tell us when gun-related bills are on the move, so we can let you know when to call lawmakers and what to say.
  • Employ a community organizer to work with volunteers state-wide. For the first time, we had a staff member devoted to educating, organizing, and giving free gun locks from the mountains to the coast. 
  • Give volunteers more opportunities to get involved. In 2019, we’ve worked with supporters in key districts to meet with their lawmaker, write a letter to the editor, call other supporters to stop harmful bills, and much more!

Two of their key uses for donations are to hire a lobbyist and to employ a community organizer. These are the kinds of things that a not-really-grassroots type organization has to do. As Sean Sorrentino pointed out about NCGV a few years ago, they are now a subsidiary of Bloomberg’s gun control empire.

As many of my readers know, I’ve been active with Grass Roots North Carolina for a number of years. GRNC is the independent state-level gun rights group in North Carolina. It has no paid lobbyist, no paid community organizer, and indeed no paid anybody. We are an all volunteer organization that is really grass roots. Just as important, we get pro-gun bills passed and anti-gun bills killed. Our record isn’t 100 percent but we win a lot more than we lose or tie.

To sum it up, they want money for employees to curtail your rights while we are a group of volunteers using donations to advance firearm freedom.

Even My Local TV Station Is Talking About NICS Checks

When even your local mid-size market TV station is reporting on Black Friday NICS checks, you know it is a big deal.

Black Friday firearm sales appear to have very, very good. While the FBI’s NICS checks are also used for carry permit background checks (among other things), they still are a good indicator of trends in firearm sales.

According to a story posted by my local TV station, WLOS, there were 202,465 NICS checks run on Black Friday. Put another way, that is one every 4.85 seconds.

As USA Today notes:

The FBI fielded more than 200,000 background checks on Black Friday gun purchases, continuing a steady surge this year following a series of mass shootings that have renewed calls for more restrictive gun laws.

In all, the bureau posted 202,465 checks Friday, an 11% increase from last year and falling just short of the single-day record: 203,086 in 2017.

I would love to see the exact numbers for Virginia where many gun control proposals are sure to reach Gov. Ralph Northam’s desk. As it is, we do have the numbers for the entire month of November and they are up approximately 5,000 compared to 2018. It should be noted that virtually all the NICS checks in Virginia are for sales and not permit checks.

To put Virginia in context, let’s compare it to Georgia which has approximately 2 million more residents. Georgia’s NICS checks for only firearms for November 2019 totaled 29,826. Virginia, meanwhile, had a total of 56,661 checks for only firearms. If we needed any clearer evidence that fear of future gun control can drive sales, this is it.


The oral argument in the NY State Rifle and Pistol Association versus City of New York is the top of the calendar today for the Supreme Court. This marks the first Second Amendment case to reach this stage since 2010’s McDonald v. Chicago.

The oral arguments are being recorded. The Supreme Court also will make transcripts available. Both will be available on Friday after the Court’s regular conference.

For a more contemporaneous report on the proceedings without the mainstream media slant, Tom Gresham of Gun Talk was given media credentials to cover the case and will be posting on Twitter. His Twitter feed is found here. Alternatively, his Twitter handle is @guntalk. He also will be doing a Facebook livestream before and after the session. You can find it here.

All I can say regarding the case is to keep your fingers crossed. The US government has taken the position that the case is not moot. Paul Clement who will be arguing on behalf of the NYSRPA agrees in his response.