John Correia’s Analysis Of The Church Shooting In Texas

John Correia of Active Self Protection is both a trainer and a former church pastor. His analysis of Sunday’s active shooter event in the church in White Settlement, Texas should be mandatory viewing for every church security team.

Key takeaways include having a plan, knowing who is in charge of the team, muzzle discipline, marksmanship practice, and the ability to draw quickly from a holster and make the shot. There is a lot more in this 10 minute video and I’d encourage you to watch it multiple times.

One other thing – Shannon Watts is an imbecile if she thinks any law banning firearms in a church would have stopped a murderer intent on killing churchgoers.

2 thoughts on “John Correia’s Analysis Of The Church Shooting In Texas”

  1. Shannon Watts is worse than an imbecile. Lack of intelligence could be no fault of her own. She is a paid stooge selling out the safety of her fellow citizens in exchange for Bloomberg’s 30 pieces of silver. She is beneath contempt.

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