Chris Cox Versus Dennis Hennigan On CNN

Dennis Henigan, Acting President of the Brady Campaign, and Chris Cox, head of the NRA-ILA, appeared on CNN’s American Morning to discuss and debate the new reporting requirements issued yesterday by the Department of Justice. Kiran Chetry, host of the show, pushed Hennigan on why another law was needed when straw purchases are already illegal. His answer would have you believe that the notification of multiple sales are made in real time and that ATF agents will be at the door to arrest the buyers as they exit the store.

Thirdpower has more on Hennigan’s lies and slanders at Days of our Trailers.

Project Gunwalker Too Big For CNN To Ignore Any Longer

With the exceptions of CBS’s Sharyl Attkission and Fox’s William LaJeunesse, the mainstream media – especially television news – have done their best to ignore Project Gunwalker or Operation Fast and Furious or whatever you want to call it. So imagine my delight at seeing CNN’s Jeanne Meserve looking properly dour calling the hearings last week before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee “fiery”. She also said that Operation Fast and Furious “has become quite explosive here in Washington.”

It is about time that the major news organizations recognize Project Gunwalker and the damage it has done in an effort to build support for more gun control. I don’t believe any reasonable person can make the claim that the real aim was to take down major Mexican drug cartels.