Chris Cox Versus Dennis Hennigan On CNN

Dennis Henigan, Acting President of the Brady Campaign, and Chris Cox, head of the NRA-ILA, appeared on CNN’s American Morning to discuss and debate the new reporting requirements issued yesterday by the Department of Justice. Kiran Chetry, host of the show, pushed Hennigan on why another law was needed when straw purchases are already illegal. His answer would have you believe that the notification of multiple sales are made in real time and that ATF agents will be at the door to arrest the buyers as they exit the store.

Thirdpower has more on Hennigan’s lies and slanders at Days of our Trailers.

One thought on “Chris Cox Versus Dennis Hennigan On CNN”

  1. I notice that CNN made sure that the Brady's Judas Goat got the last chance to spout his lies. CNN your bias is showing, you "balance" a group that represents a handful of billionaires against a group that represents over 4,000,000 citizens.

    The US sourced weapons used by the Cartels are primarily coming from US government sources, either directly supplied or through State Department (Hillary) approved sales to the Mexican Government.

    He repeatedly went on about criminals buying 5 or 10 rifles at a time but failed to mention that the illegal reporting requirement is for 2 within 5 days. And failed to bring up the part about keeping the records for at least 2 years, again illegally since the Law requires purging the information as soon as a buyer is cleared by the NICS database. You think maybe in 2 years they will decide that maybe since we have this big list of Law Abiding Gun Owners we should hang on to it for a few more years? Why does the government need a list of honest people? What do they hope to do with it? Can anybody say California and SKS confiscation in the same breath?

    The BATFE has a bad history of abuse of power and lack of judgement that gets innocent people killed, lots of people, men, women and children burned to death, mother with baby in arms shot in the head by a government approved sniper, remember? And nobody went to jail over their crimes.

    Send thousands of guns to criminals in Mexico in the attempt to identify an FBI/CIA/DEA paid informant. Yeah, this bunch really needs more power and money.

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