Colion Noir Calls Out The Media

The media has been trying to use the shooting of Philandro Castile in Minnesota as a wedge between the African-American community and the National Rifle Association. They are saying that the NRA doesn’t care about black gun owners. Moreover, as this article in Inquisitr makes clear, they continue to try and make this a wedge issue because in the NRA’s call for an investigation in Minnesota they did not mention Mr. Castile by name. They are saying the NRA is facing an internal split. I don’t see it.

Colion Noir calls out the media and commentators who pushing the meme that the NRA doesn’t care about black gun owners. He notes that just like Philandro Castile he is a 32 year old black man with a carry permit that was stopped for a traffic infraction just two weeks ago.

Colion Noir is usually somewhat laid back and cool. Here he is not. He’s angry and he’s tired of putting up with the crap that the media and other critics have spewed towards him personally and to the NRA.

Colion Noir Takes A New Shooter To The Range

All that Colion Noir knew about guns six years ago, he’d learned from TV or the movies. He never learned anything about it in school and that would include firearm safety. However, six years ago a friend took him shooting for the first time and his life changed.

In this episode, Colion Noir describes that first time and then takes a female friend to the range for the first time. We often pass around the phrase, “Take someone shooting”, but we need to do it. It is the best inoculation against the lies told by the Shannon Watts of the world.

It’s Not All Ads For Kay Hagan

If you watch television in Western North Carolina right now, it is about 2-1 in terms of campaign ads from Democrats and their allied organizations (NEA, League of Conservation Voters, Senate Majority PAC, etc.) It may be different in other areas of the state but I doubt it.

Thus, it was refreshing to see this ad from the NRA featuring Colion Noir on WLOS this evening. It was one of the few ads that I didn’t immediately have me reaching for the mute button on the remote control.

Colion Noir on “Gun Safety”

Colion Noir, in his latest commentary for NRA News, takes on one of my pet peeves. That is, the renaming of gun control and confiscation as gun safety (sic) by the gun prohibitionists, the mainstream media, and the White House. If they want to talk about gun safety, they need to be talking about Colonel Cooper’s Four Rules.

Proposals for universal background checks, a new assault weapon (sic) ban, and magazine bans have nothing to do with actual gun safety. When the gun prohibitionists use the term “gun safety” they have the same intent as when they used the term “gun control”.

As Colion Noir says, thinking that all they have to do is change the name shows they have the same amount of respect for us that they do for the Second Amendment. In other words, none.


As Colion Noir points out in his latest commentary for NRA News, the notion that the Second Amendment is “outdated” and should be replaced by 2A v.2.0 is laughable. Even if we don’t “need” to hunt for our food nowadays, there are still two-legged predators who stand ready to deprive you and me of both our property and our lives.

The LA Time Discovers Mr. Colion Noir

The Los Angeles Times has an article up today about Mr. Colion Noir. They call him an “Internet sensation” whose popularity is growing. The article is actually informative about Colion Noir and seems rather fair. As to the comments, not so much.

I’ve watched a number of his YouTube videos and am very happy that the National Rifle Association realized the potential in having him as a commentator (along with Natalie Foster and Dom Raso). Adding commentators like Colion Noir punches holes in the perception that the NRA is only for aging and overweight Caucasian males.

I think what is really going to infuriate the gun prohibitionists is that not only is Mr. Colion Noir black (well, duh!) but he is a practicing attorney in Houston with degrees from the University of Houston and Texas Southern’s law school. In other words, he’s not just some hip actor reading lines provided to him by the NRA.

Noir is a practicing attorney. He reads fashion blogs, loves gadgets and drives a sports car and a truck — neither with a gun rack, although he keeps a metal candy dish full of bullets in his living room.

Noir said he grew up hesitant to admit he liked firearms because it wasn’t something people talked about in his middle-class neighborhood. He fired his first gun, a little Taurus .40, about seven years ago at the urging of a friend who took him to a shooting range.

“I remember how exhilarating it was,” Noir said, comparing the experience to sky diving.

Soon afterward, he was going to the range weekly and researching guns. He later joined the NRA and bought about a half dozen guns. Noir, who once worked at A/X Armani Exchange and favors tailored suits, worries that a concealed handgun might “print,” or show through the fabric.

“Secret Service have the worst cut suits — big and bulky,” so their guns won’t show, Noir said.

 Colion Noir has attracted detractors among some in the African-American community who consider him a “sell-out” and other worse epithets.

Now some in the black community have denounced Noir for what they say is selling out to the white pro-gun establishment, with critiques posted on and the Black Entertainment Television website.

“He’s taking more heat from black people than anybody. The racism that exists now is mostly on our side,” said the Rev. Kenn Blanchard, 50, a gun rights activist who is black. He said he advised Noir to accept the NRA deal.

Noir said he expected attacks, but he gets frustrated when critics highlight his race.

“Calling me an Uncle Tom simply because I’m into firearms, it doesn’t even make sense. My entire identity as a black guy is based on my ownership of guns? Really?” he said. “Some of the most influential black individuals have advocated for the use of firearms, so how come when I do it, I’m vilified? Take a look at the Black Panthers, MLK, Malcolm X.”

The Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. supported gun rights? Noir noted that after King’s home in Montgomery, Ala., was firebombed, King applied for a handgun permit.

While most of the comments to this article are supportive of both gun rights and Mr. Colion Noir, there are some detractors who are appalled that a man of color would not only like shooting but that he would be a member of the NRA.

From “NoBeggrsPlz”:

As a lawyer you could be a role model for the African-American community and work to reduce the amount of black-black violence and deaths.

Or is indulging and glamorizing your own fetish with guns more important to you?

How’s the glamourizaton of guns working out for the African-American community?

From “Pam00015”:

That was the stupidest video I have ever seen! It made no sense and was pointless. WOW! You have guns you are so powerful!

You are a coward!

Fetish? Stupidest? Pointless? Coward?

I guess you just can’t open some minds despite the good work that a commentator like Mr. Colion Noir does. 

Colion Noir On Teachers Carrying Guns

Mr. Colion Noir is very good at stripping issues down to their basics. In this video released a couple of days ago, he discusses arming teachers. He notes the gun prohibitionists object to it due to possible accidents. He points out the contradiction of saying that mass shootings don’t happen frequently enough to justify arming teachers yet calling for more gun control when a Newtown shooting does occur doesn’t make sense.

MrColionNoir To Biden – “At The End Of The Day, You Don’t Have The Credentials”

MrColionNoir is starting to grow on me. I’m not hip nor urban nor, unfortunately, young any more but I can still appreciate the way he can communicate a message in effective and simple terms. I think it was a brilliant move by the NRA to add him to their stable of commentators on gun issues.

In his latest, he takes direct aim at the use of the buzzwords “responsible” and “reasonable” by the Obama Administration to push background checks. He then turns to Vice-President Joe Biden and Biden’s advice on guns and gun safety. It gets even better from there.